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anemic leeching

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  • mariaprophetessa
    Louise, Our countries have this in common. The Seven Years War, began as a new world war, but was actually a continuation of the centuries old madness between
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2006

      Our countries have this in common. The Seven Years War, began as a
      new world war, but was actually a continuation of the centuries old
      madness between Britain and France, and other perpetual ethnic
      rivalries. I suppose it was only logical that when it began here, it
      would erupt back there among the nations which initiated and
      perpetuated the slaughter. Nations of my various lineages warred
      with one another, so my experience with the history of wars
      involving this young nation creates in me an absurd perspective. As
      you say, it is the contemporary which personally affects us, though
      it is often encouraged by ancient singular bloodlines. French,
      British, Prussian, Native American, Union, Confederate, and possibly
      others, all cry out in me for recognition and justification. If the
      mood strikes me, I research and inform myself of particular segments
      of these various histories. Invasions, migrations, colonizations,
      etc. all the same bloody story. I only think I better understand.

      There was a time when the ancient bards were the first line of
      offense with their clever insults, spells, invocations, etc. With
      few people and limited resources, that strategy made sense. Today,
      spin and high tech are more efficient.

      I am grateful to any known and unknown forces that protected our
      still fledgling democracy. Free to read and write poetry and other
      various types of expression; free to choose occupations other than
      priest or soldier. Not all are so fortunate. Some parents can only
      dream of clean water and food for their children and themselves. The
      opportunities for work and play wait at the end of a very long and
      dark tunnel. Cause and effect, immutably debatable.

      There is a strange attitude here that if you criticize the present
      regime, you are disrespecting our armed forces; if you speak of
      pacifism, you're dismissing past heroes; if you debate course of
      action, you're a traitor. It's puzzling because it seems they're
      saying, we should be grateful for the rights they fought/fight to
      defend, but then we shouldn't exercise them. We musn't speak freely
      or question strategies. As if, we don't actually possess these
      rights, that they're only abstract ideals, weapons of propaganda.

      DNA testing supposedly reveals we are all descended from a common
      ancestor. Individual differences have un/fortunately evolved bodies
      with ideas, and I don't know how to respond to all the blood that
      cries out, except to live as well as I'm able to, according to my
      own sensibilities. From an existential perspective I'm comfortable
      with my ambivalences, ethnic and political, physical and emotional.
      If that's too much for my family, neighbors, and nation to tolerate,
      then that's too bad. Differences are an evolved survival strategy,
      but they don't automatically lead to war.

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