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  • Eduard Alf
    this is what Dictionary.com says about serendipity
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2001
      this is what Dictionary.com says about

      << Word History: We are indebted to the English
      author Horace Walpole for the word serendipity,
      which he coined in one of the 3,000 or more
      letters on which his literary reputation primarily
      rests. In a letter of January 28, 1754, Walpole
      says that “this discovery, indeed, is almost of
      that kind which I call Serendipity, a very
      expressive word.” Walpole formed the word on an
      old name for Sri Lanka, Serendip. He explained
      that this name was part of the title of “a silly
      fairy tale, called The Three Princes of Serendip:
      as their highnesses traveled, they were always
      making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of
      things which they were not in quest of....” >>

      Serendipity can be a component within other
      philosophies. For example, within Existentialism
      as the mechanism by which events are encountered
      and upon which decisions are to be made.
      Actually, I would consider Existentialism as a
      component itself, rather than a complete
      philosophy. Existentialism gives the how, but does
      not provide the "why" which is the reason why one
      can be an existentialist and a Christian, Muslim
      or whatever.

      Religion comes in many forms. The Church of the
      SubGenius is at:

      Religion is what you do and the manner in which
      you view the outside world from the event of birth
      to death.

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