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  • seriously.merry
    What a breath of fresh air. And a double recommend besides. As I type, it s on its way through the inter-library loan system. Thanks! ... was ... can ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2006
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      What a breath of fresh air. And a double recommend besides. As I
      type, it's on its way through the inter-library loan system. Thanks!

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@...>
      > If we knew what we were, we would have a better notion of what we
      > are. I think that idea has merit. Notions gleaned from paleobiology
      > are not measurable to laser optic standards but they share the
      > observational reliability equil to the grand theory of evolution.
      > Fossil identification has a great deal of eyes on certitude that
      > the hallmark of phylum identifacation studys at the time of Darwin.
      > The search has been aided by DNA work, and high accuracy dating
      > systems that use cutting edge tech. The story of the evolution of
      > the human species is a reliable and useful intellectual tool. It
      > ground one in time and lessen the horrible angst of our
      > founders. I know the greater part of them were not terribly
      > impressed by science or its practitioners. I would not be able to
      > honestly utter one paragraph without some reference to or rational
      > from science. Science makes the existentialism examine facts. We
      > not thrown here, we evolved here and that is a very different set
      > situations. You can be an old school existentialist without science
      > but the whole meliew has greatly broadned. The BBC " Walking with
      > Cavemen" is a chance to catch up. It tell of evolution of our
      > species from the aboral apes, through the hominids to present. It
      > shows why the chronology is reliable and the research evidence is
      > impressive. It drives home the state of randomness as a wild card
      > that changes great trends and long term polimer successions. The
      > intreference of geologic level events is shown to throw enen more
      > radical eccentricities into the linear wave of time. In a sense
      > show is philosophy more than science but it suggests a timeline
      > a partial listing of the species extinct off the direct line to
      > homo sapiens. Actually there is no direct line and the process was
      > in starts and stops for seven million years. The hominid
      > reproductions are spectacular in this production and the animal
      > life who lived with our ancestors are shown to push and pull
      > theevolutionary levers of hominoids. In a sense it tells you why
      > things are as they are and that also reduces the shock and angst
      > the founders flung onto us. Of course if you just like it black and
      > oily the most perfectly presented chronologies will rot on the
      > My wife, a nonscientist, got her socks knocked off by this show.
      > is a sociologist by training and the rational for many behavours
      > shown in the show impressed her. My wife can count real fast and
      > numbers in the show are well used and add up. I have had too many
      > concussions to be a fast counter but this show teaches even the
      > who survived from Australopithicus Afarensis. Bill
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