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one person's alienation is another person's entitlement

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  • seriously.merry
    A poem by someone else serves as my existential response to the state of the American union. I m happy to know that some sacrificed so that others can be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      A poem by someone else serves as my existential response to the state
      of the American union. I'm happy to know that some sacrificed so that
      others can be poets. This is better timing on my part. I appreciate
      Vernon's humorous dental metaphors and word-play. That, plus the
      addiction oil, the morally correct, the self-deconstruction of the
      pro-lifers, marginalization, hypocrisy, and corruption at the highest
      levels of leadership - are for me anyway - a synchronicity I savor.
      C.G. Jung tried to make a science of understanding such things as
      acausal coincidences. We're no farther down that road, and hard core
      science now leads the way. But it can be fun sometimes. Especially
      when single issues merge into a greater comedy of errors, absurdity.
      That's civilization for you. I guess marginalization isn't so bad for
      the solitary. Pioneers and savages prefer the borderlands. Mary

      when odd necessities juncture
      that whiff translucent fluids. Protocols
      assert functions sniffing lewdly along the
      barristers of the insane climbing their office
      bannisters by the mile record long gone

      to minutes as meetings of minutiae in parlay,
      electing precedence over vitriolic perfumes
      & tooth decay. The nation turned to fluouridation
      has lost its moorings, Othello pleads, citing

      the right wing of genders bent to the precious
      sentiments of fossil fuel. Less than sedimentary,
      less than precocious, the stentorian senators bid
      the factory's window panes a naked visitation

      freed from its artistic endowment although
      a bolting nut may succeed him in office or
      endearment. Of such leaders are things made.
      Through moral assertions in love motels

      discretion greets its valet, paid to look
      the other way, to the days before fluoride
      brought moral decay to the travesties
      of the Western Lands. The book of the living

      dead holds sway with carping demeanor
      however upright & wrong the text of their
      moldy flesh attributes nudity & bodily fluids
      to undeserving others. They protest the ladies

      too much to sway the valet whose ticket
      has validated mirrored rooms in bathing
      red light free XXX videos in every room on
      cable where they can view the national

      endowments they prefer (not to
      mention the attention) trophies
      to trumpet the highest id of fabric-
      ation designers amid the peering

      eyes of voyeuristic equals
      peaking ex officio at the XXX
      that lights the evening sky
      without a shadow's trace

      of their funning while the
      fawning continues, a pro-
      life progression that re-
      gresses to the mean of

      the pre-modern bent
      on perpetuating its
      own deconstruction
      of perceived decay

      in every way a-
      vailable to the-
      m at their mor-
      ally correct in-

      virtues th-
      at place a-

      ll at t

      -he m

      by Vernon Frazer/IMPROVISATIONS
      XX, pages 72-74
      Beneath the Underground Press
      Florida 2005
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