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  • Eliza Rodriguez
    I am not all that intelligent, but it seems that existentialism may work out for some as a means of strong rebellion to the structures, but the price to be
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 5, 2006
      I am not all that intelligent, but it seems that "existentialism" may work out for some as a means of strong rebellion to the structures, but the price to be paid for that individual response is invariably isolation and suffering. The constant symptom in the lives of all those writers and thinkers of the existentialist is desperation. The challenge would be, how to elevate the human soul to higher spheres of perception and still make it a pleasure to be alive, to experience existence in a less threatening style. Nietzsche, Artaud, Sartre, Thoreau, all they had was enough wealth to be carried on in life while they went on screaming names against the system surrounding them. That they were very unhappy is seen in their life endings, often plagued with insanity and mental collapse.


      Aija Veldre Beldavs <beldavsa@...> wrote:
      > There is this peculiar reaction among some existlisters who protest the
      > absurd, themselves being unfamiliar with the perspective. To that I
      > say, so what. Some feel it, others don't. It's only one example of how
      > we differ from one another; of how difficult it is to overcome
      > subjectivity. Sometimes, life is a torment, because we discover that we
      > will never learn enough to overcome what we think we know about each
      > other. No one insists that we experience alienation, angst, etc. It is
      > simply, that some do. The Existentialists didn't invent suffering.
      > Mary

      true, existentialists (Sartre, Beauvoir, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Heidegger
      etc. drawing also from others) didn't invent suffering, angst, alienation,
      awareness of the cosmically absurd, agnosticism, or atheism. the
      pre-Christian Norse religion had a sense of heroic doom about existence -
      even the gods would be destroyed. the salvation part that was offered with
      Christianity was integrated later. the Maya calendar foresees destruction
      of the heretofore order and so on...

      people are different as to how and how much they dwell and analyze the
      above once they become aware ot such and realize they can not change basic
      cosmic laws. but they can change their attitudes and local social
      configurations to reduce suffering where possible. there are better and
      worse societies in which humans live and there is that attachment to life
      on earth or somewhere in the cosmos surviving.


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