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Ossama bin deaden a long time...

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  • nothing@theabsurd.com
    As one who is always interested in the personal fiction of things...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      As one who is always interested in the personal fiction of
      things...<<Zaeef said the Taliban, who have rejected a series of
      appeals to hand over bin Laden and avert a military
      confrontation, were willing to talk. ''We are thinking of
      negotiation,'' he said, adding that if direct evidence against bin
      Laden were produced, ''it might change things.'' ...[bin Laden]'s in
      a place which cannot be located by anyone.''>>

      Couldn't this mean that if the US could implicate BinLaden, who
      incidentally could not be found because he was already dead
      (and if the taliban were responsibile for the attack on Sept. 11),
      then the Taliban would be happy to condemn the deadman and
      save their own skins because there would be no reason to be
      bombed out of existence?

      1) we can't hand him over, he's dead.
      2) he's a great scape goat
      3) we don't really want to take the blame
      4) we, uh, didn't really expect to have to dig in so deep...
      5) We are bunch of violent idiots who can be quick to kill others,
      but hey, that's them.

      There is always more than one potential story. "A place which
      cannot be reached by anyone." there is only one of those I know

      so many realities
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