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RE: [existlist] Addressed to Fidelistas

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  • Herman B. Triplegood
    Jud: There you go again. (quoting Ronnie Reagan here) So, let me see if I get the gist of what you re saying: Never mind. ? Our daughter in California wants
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2005
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      "There you go again." (quoting Ronnie Reagan here)

      So, let me see if I get the gist of what you're saying:

      Never mind.


      Our daughter in California wants to become a forensic psychologist. So I
      bought a copy of the DSM-IV to give her for Christmas. We sat down and got
      to reading it here and there, which was really quite entertaining, because I
      kept remarking, that's me! No, that's me! Wait a minute! That's definitely
      me! It's enough to give one a full blown identity crisis. At least I'm with
      you, at least part of the way, in that I don't have a lot of faith in the
      psychological witch doctor. I still hope that I can talk her into becoming a
      philosopher instead of a psychologist. Anyway, it won't be such a bad thing
      if what she learns can contribute to putting away a few serial killers for
      the long haul to the needle they have earned. In that case, I guess, the
      effort to figure out what's on somebody's *mind* won't be such a bad thing
      after all.



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      The young boy does not shit.

      Have you heard of light??

      We are waiting.
      If what you say is true that should send for the white van [or the white
      elephant] immediately and administer a hot enema forthwith.
      A pinch of paprika or turmeric added to the infusion should help to do the
      trick. He should thereafter be handed over to specially selected
      psychiatrists who have been previously deprogrammed of the myth of mind and
      will treat
      the poor lad as being sick of brain rather than being sick of *mind*.
      Why deprogrammed white coats? Because psychiatry will be re-examined soon
      when the myth of a psyche is finally exposed - particularly the rump of
      psychiatrists who still believe that the problems of the *mentally
      disturbed* are
      to be found in an imagined putative mind, and who persist in treating this
      purported *mind* with drugs, presumably under the naive impression that
      chemicals can affect something which does not exist. If they believe that
      can *work* on something that does not exist then why don't they stop
      chemicals down the throats of those unfortunates who suffer from
      of their neurological nets - why don't they drive to the end of Brighton
      and pour their noxious fluids on the heads of non-existent mermaids as they

      sit on the rocks at high water to comb with non-existent combs their
      non-existent tresses? Ironically it is not only the psychiatric
      money-makers who
      believe that the *mind* exists, but many of the *anti-psychiatric movement*
      are also unwilling to accept that people who display forms of behaviour
      considered different from the norm, or manifest forms of bizarre conduct,
      or violent
      and destructive/self-destructive activity are actually suffering from a
      physical and strictly biological malfunction as is the case with this poor
      deranged Indian boy.

      Not surprisingly the confusion engendered by this ancient folk
      psychology with its eldritch faith in an ontological difference twixt
      and *mind produces all kinds of confused misapprehensions. Exponents of
      is laughingly referred to as * the science of psychology* provide a torrent
      supernatural definitions of mental health and mental illness. None of their

      fantasies are the slightest bit convincing - but that does not stem the
      welter of books and articles and papers which flow from our institutions of
      learning with the subsequent burden on the taxpayer, whose money would be
      far better invested in sensible, professional and well-equipped research in
      sphere of the biological reality - the living, functioning or
      human brain-meat, much in the same way that specialist doctors address
      problems of the heart, the liver and the hip-joints etc.

      Imagine if there was a similar situation and heart-specialists believed
      there was some intangible *spirit* in the pumping-heart that needed
      treatment, rather than the valves. What if a liver a heptologist or liver
      believed that some homunculus was squatting in the arterial hepatica
      the flow of blood to that organ, or that hepatic cirrhosis was caused by a
      degeneration of that organ brought about by the stresses caused by the
      uncertainties of sexual identity, or job loss, or mother-in-law trouble.

      The fact is that there is no general agreement among psychologists

      and psychiatrists and the whole area is one of risible disarray about the
      nature of *mental health* or *mental illness* with an absence of
      received definitions, and no canonical criterion by which to judge one
      *psychological state* from another stems from the fact that most diagnosis
      management of patients in psychiatry, especially biological psychiatry,
      the existence of something called *mental illness,* [rather than brain
      misfunction) These white-coated ones even refer to these problems as
      disease* or *mental disorder,* and refer to the patient as being affected
      by a
      *disease* of the *mind* when in fact it is a disorder of the BODY, and
      should ONLY be treated by those doctors suitably qualified to treat the
      human body and not by people who believe in some imagined *spirit* which is

      thought to abide in that body, in a similar way that African pigmies
      believe that
      the *spirit of the great white crocodile* resides within the trunk of the
      baobab tree.

      Meanwhile God help the poor wretch sitting cross-legged and constipated
      'neath the banyan tree - the uncaring transcendentalists will let him die
      rot in the forlorn hope that a clogged-up Lord Buddha has returned once
      to save the land of India from technology or some other Heideggerian-style

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