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  • Herman B. Triplegood
    As long as the government doesn’t come knocking on my door, wanting to take me away, for incitement to Cartesianism, I feel that I am fairly benign in most
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2005
      As long as the government doesn’t come knocking on my door, wanting to take
      me away, for incitement to Cartesianism, I feel that I am fairly benign in
      most all of the contexts where I participate in discussion. I really do
      enjoy just digging in and working through the philosophical texts. Descartes
      is my current project, hence the tongue in cheek reference to Cartesianism.
      I am not an academic, you know, just a college dropout from several decades
      ago who has maintained a lively personal interest in philosophy and science
      over the years. You might say that all of this is my hobby. But you know how
      people’s hobbies can be. They can be more passionate about their hobbies
      than about their jobs or even their careers at times. I butter my bread
      babysitting a wireless switching center on the graveyard shift. It is a big
      beast of a machine made of all kinds of smaller machines, computers tied to
      computers, making the phone calls happen for drug dealer’s and Volvo driving
      middle class American families on their way to Albertson’s with a phone
      glued to their ear. Yes, I’m a telecommunications geek in my other life,
      with a smattering of internetworking experience to go along with it. Reading
      the books on philosophy and science inspires me and gives me a sense that my
      marriage of convenience with technology might actually be a part of a
      greater existential meaning. I have also been known to hang out with tree
      huggers and various other spiritual oddities and even stage magicians.
      Alchemy is one of my interests too, but I am not yet naïve enough to believe
      that I can open up a gold manufacturing business anytime real soon. I guess
      you could say that if I were given a choice between passion and reason, I
      would want to say that reason is my passion, or that my passion is the
      pursuit of reason, however elusive that might prove to be. It is an
      existential thing. But I also have an insatiable curiosity for the
      mysterious. I cannot resist things like the Gita or the Rig Veda. It is like
      the candy that goes with the bread of philosophy and the meat and potatoes
      of science. Reason for dinner, and mysticism for dessert. Why not?



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      Herman, Yes ,that is the software to which I was referring. The
      other participation areas listed were most interesting. As a product
      of Berkely, and the sensitivity of the subject matters, I would
      expect monitoring from many interested partys. Some of those are
      the very associations I wish to avoid. I vision some lurking
      intelligence gnome gleaning meanings from offhand remarks splashed
      out in such sites.
      The things we discuss here are relatively benign and that is the
      way I personally like it. I must compliment you for most precise
      work but admit a reticence for contribution because thinking that
      deeply truly gives me a headache.
      The name of the software seems particularly apt, coming from Berkley
      and being a substitute for a particular sex act .The thought police,
      you know, are out to boinc us. Bill

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