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It is some comfort, yes

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  • louise
    I second that, Bill, and apologise to CSW and Susan for the intemperant acerbity of my stupid empty posts concept . Have no idea whether that s right, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      I second that, Bill, and apologise to CSW and Susan for the
      intemperant acerbity of my 'stupid empty posts concept'. Have no
      idea whether that's right, the apology, I mean, simply questing ever
      onwards for the intertwining goods of my existential desire:
      respect, honour, integrity, freedom from the fear that sends inward
      tension skeetering into hostility. No, not simply questing, I want
      to do the right thing, and it is, in part, social, so the apology is
      offered, rather as Herman clarifies love's outgoing for us, we can
      do no more. My interpretation of the existential concept is that
      such individual freedom be spread abroad - that such be WILLED, each
      willing individual openly taking responsibility for his own burden.
      Classic stuff from St. Paul, or whatever you want to call him, it
      matters not, there are equivalent men, whether lesser in stamina and
      brilliance or not, in each generation, equivalents, I expect [again
      mutatis mutandis] in sundry cultures, across time and space. So
      far, I have spoken of character, against the false gods of prestige
      and wealth for purpose of display alone. As a writer who has
      translated poetry and adapted learnt skills to compose poetic
      sketches, throwing up dramatic raw materials like some exotic mole
      trawling the beaches of Europe ... I rest my case. It has been
      carried so far. It started, though, as a thread of thought, lost to
      repeated intimidations (simple statement of fact, not particularly
      specific to this list). Character, then, and imagination. Not the
      overthrowing of hierarchic structure, but its refinement,
      sublimation, evolution, by the ways of peace. Ancient ways,
      neglected to our contining peril.

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