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  • bhvwd
    Louise,I have been absorbed in the series, Rome .My own version of semi patrician warfare has worn to its conclusion and I have completed my negotions
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005
      Louise,I have been absorbed in the series,"Rome'.My own version
      of semi patrician warfare has worn to its conclusion and I have
      my negotions having been granted all the necessary revisions of
      methods and heirarchy .I should have probably pushed for more but
      cardiologist would have probably gotten a hefty fee.I hope you will
      able to view Rome as it puts you and I on a flatter turf in our
      suppositions about ancient cultures and our behavours in present
      times. Where I view the golden age of Greece as though through some
      garland vapor, Rome bleeds and stinks much the same as our streets
      today. The Intro is mind opening as the grafetti of the murals
      be seen as realistic to the citisens as their own personal lives.
      gods lived amoung them and pictorials of dietys were the same as the
      dietys themselves. That is a deeper level of fidelity than even the
      evangelicals profess today. Icons draw me and the wift of incense
      medicine bags are usually about. Things much more basic than even
      ignorant catholocisms make me think we look in the wrong places for
      the derivation of religion. The pleasant sensory might be as
      responsible for religion as all the fire and brimstone. When I read
      caesars commentaries I knew i had read my first military manual.
      sharp survivalism of the military mind set put me at odds with the
      vicissitudes of faith.Leaders and winners planned their course and
      were not detoured by fanciful concoction. Then again they do not
      to be a happy lot and so I enjoy conversation with those of the arts
      as well as my dour, professional colligues.
      I am affronting the grinding boredom of professional life with a
      higher level of weapon building. Through nefarious dealings, the gun
      right has found a way to allow mere mortals to own a real piece
      the weapons pie. The whole business so unnerves my lawyer to an
      that revives my trust in weaponry.Rome and her reliance on weapons
      seems nearer whan I do business with the arms merchants. I have the
      idea that as long as we are sporting armies of one we are at no
      threat. Ther Rome I see on the telly is as close as i want my flesh
      the butchery . When caesars agent gutted and beheaded Pompeii
      caesar had him in turn decapitated, Caesar then pardoned Crassus
      brutus. What to do and when to do it seem the pressing questions
      thinking people since the vaporous days of the Illiad. I am happy to
      have made some recent, apparently sound decisions, but then there is
      always brutus out there with very different ideas. Bill
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