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Interpreting the disappearing buildings

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    Some observations and perhaps a truth that is not so new but rarely followed. Bloodshed is not such a newfangled toy. The last century began with a war that
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 17, 2001
      Some observations and perhaps a truth that is not so new but rarely

      Bloodshed is not such a newfangled toy. The last century began with
      a war that killed millions of people and shattered countless lives. At
      the end of that war, the 'winning' side decided to make the people
      responsible pay. What was achieved? How did humanity or even a lone
      family gain? A few short years later another war, more horrible became
      the grotesque fruit of those seeds. Weapons that defined night saw
      light of day. At the end of those black days, we discovered and
      brought into the open just how far people are willing to slaughter one
      another for a 'just' cause.

      Since that time, the threat of apocalypse has prevented all out
      global conflict at times. But smaller wars and even smaller forms of
      organized violence still occur. One country was attacked recently, but
      countries all over the world suffer the same plague of terrorism,
      freedom fighting or holy war. It depends what side your on to give it
      a name. This is not some new type of violence. It has been going on a
      very long time. More violence usually is the response, but that
      doesn't seem to do anything as long as suffering or perceived
      injustice continues. We have methods to wipe out the 'disease'. Some
      people tried them in last war and some occasional still do. We can
      talk about 'wars' on drugs and prostitution. But I suspect some types
      of war can not be won with knives, only in the hearts of men. We can
      even turn our world into a prison in a effort to prevent unnecessary
      suffering, yet it seems we would destroy the very beliefs we so

      We've always known we must protect our world, our societies, our
      way of life from the those that would destroy it. We must keep them
      from the position to murder or enslave our children, brothers and
      mothers. But I suggest the 'collateral damage' of the death of one
      innocent is not acceptable. We teeter on the abyss of the madness when
      we use only retribution as a solution. Ask the nations that fight
      these wars how successful they have been. Israel, Afghanistan,
      Ireland, what do you say? Of course the perpetrators must be brought
      to justice but if more innocent blood is spilled, it must be given
      restitution. The forces that caused these evil deeds must be addressed
      or indeed it will be a war.... one that neither side can win, but can
      shatter many mother's lives.

      For the briefest of moments, the world learned something fifty six
      years ago. That violence begets violence. Suffering begets suffering.
      Some remarkable decisions were made. Instead of trying to make the
      'enemy' suffer for all the violence and destruction, a campaign of
      peace was fought to rebuild the very countries that defined the enemy.
      To feed the families whose soldiers spilled the blood of their own
      families. Not only to forgive... but to have the audacity to assist.
      Even so far as to give them their freedom to choose their destiny
      again, perhaps to fix the desperation that drove men to such extremes.
      It seems those very enemies... no wait....people.... now enrich all
      the world with the beauty of their art, science and genius.

      Perhaps a lesson to contemplate in this new century?

      Most religions and philosophies all proclaim their love of peace,
      of kindness, of compassion, of tolerance, of truth, of love. Be
      authentic. Those of us that are truly free are not slaves to morality,
      we choose to follow the path freely with intellect and humanity. My
      only suggestion is to be true to those words, no matter how hard
      others make you suffer.

      The dynamo of waving of holy scriptures and flags, is very
      powerful. the things that matter to most to me are my ideals, my
      family, my friends and protecting them. By protecting yours, I believe
      I do so. Suffering is not something tolerable for ANYBODY, for any
      society. Let our own suffering remind us we should freely share our
      wealth, pursue justice and use love as our compass not anger... bread
      not blood. Magnificent and powerful dinosaurs existed on this world
      for many years. I notice they are gone and yet again I humbly suggest
      diversity is the best model for life..... and the most beautiful


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