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To perhaps the most Prolific Writer I know--and respect. :-)

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  • NEFILIM001@aol.com
    Hi Ms. Louise; Who could ignore such an intelligent and wonderful speaker as yourself? re What you state about: Christ ; Superstitious ; Religion ;
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
      Hi Ms. Louise; Who could ignore such an intelligent and wonderful 'speaker'
      as yourself?

      re What you state about: 'Christ'; 'Superstitious'; 'Religion'; 'Intolerant';
      'Christianity' and 'Consequences'... .

      Do you really think that Believing in [a] God {regardless which One(s),}
      isn't: SUPERSTITION(?/!)--per an English Dictionary: ((1.-False Notion,
      2.-Falacy)); ((Hoped-for, Imaginary Being{s}))

      Since/If you are Religious, you are of course with the Majority of People(s)
      on Earth; and it is of course your Choice to Believe, RELIGIOUSLY] in AnyBody
      and AnyThing You Care to.

      {{But just to keep the "conversation/argument" open}}
      ...not so unlike (phantom) 'Ghosts', The 'Easter Bunny', 'St. Nick'
      and various 'HeadlessHorsemen'... .
      I wonder what Intelligent, OpenMinded, [open]thinking Being can
      INDEPENDENTLY Believe in the kind(s) of Descriptive God(s) We have all been brought
      up/taught to believe in--Really?!
      Is there No Doubt; and No Curiosity (about WhatEverElse there might
      be--besides [worshipful] RELIGION(s) in the believable/unbelievable scheme of
      this grand and expansive Universe?)
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ||

      Ms. Louise States:
      " "..Know that when Christ died, he became Jehovah, who dwells in flaming

      " "..I don't see this as the class struggle, but then I am an activist on
      behalf of the unjustly imprisoned, [AGAINST] the superstitious and the

      " "..The
      religion appears to be humanism, struggling like an untimely birth
      from the death-throes of traditional Christianity. I could be wrong.

      " "..People do not know who they are. Why?? Because they believe they
      are not allowed to speak, freely. Not true, of course. Just that
      the consequences are so damn unpleasant.

      " "..How do I sign? Good question. Over to the rest of you ... or just
      ignore me :-)... ." "

      Please Keep Writing--You Are Greatly Appreciated, (If you do choose to
      Write-Elsewhere, please drop me a note.),

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