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a relatively unpopular 'chat' these days, but--Oh Well... !

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    Thank you: beldavsa@indiana.edu -- AIJA; existlist@yahoogroups.com for the heavy quote, immediately below. I saved your whole Post, to reread at a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2005
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      Thank you: beldavsa@... -- AIJA;
      existlist@yahoogroups.com for the 'heavy' quote, immediately below. I saved
      your whole Post, to reread at a quiet(er) period.

      " "A Chat With Dawkins... .

      > To an honest judge, the alleged convergence between religion and science
      > is a shallow, empty, hollow, spin-doctored sham.
      > -- Richard Dawkins, The Devil's Chaplain (2004)" "
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ||

      Dear ExistList GroupMembers;

      I know I do not know much--but I do know enough to understand that
      one can be infernally/eternally confused by those aspiring philosophers who
      attempt to connect, Existentially, the Soul of a God-Fearing Scientist; to a
      Scientist who is a Believer in (religious) souls, via an all-knowing God... .

      I suspect the old axiom (or Old Wife's Tale) is true; one can not
      long serve two Mistresses/Masters. At some point one powerful force is going to
      catch you off stride and question you closely as to how you [actually] come
      down -- regarding THEIR own fine points. I do not expect anyone can
      successfully 'dance to the tune' as it were, of BOTH sides' sharp questioning(s) for the
      long haul. Religious and nonReligious 'differences' will soon surface within
      the questionee's common palette and clearly 'out' the pale dual-rider.

      Will a truly God-Beliving scientist build the first Atom bomb and
      drop it squarely on a huge civilian population, for any strategic reason? Will a
      singular Scientific mind pray over every decision made in controlled, if
      highly (socially) controversial lab experiments?

      It is safe to SAY one is both 'othodox' Scientific, and 'orthodox'
      Religious--as they strip each common cause to it's Least Common Denominator? I
      expect we will find they do not/can never essentially coexist.

      People of every culture seem to have always been truly "AFRAID" to
      disBelieve; thus they cling to whatever Belief is passed down from the
      preceeding generation! I understand this very well, remembering the first time as an
      adult I first determined I was (thinkingly/thoughfully) a disBeliever. I was
      for a long "learning-period", afraid to face the 'edge-of-night': "Now I Lay Me
      Down To Sleep, I Pray To God My Soul To Keep; If I Should Die Before I Awake,
      I Pray To God My Soul To Take... ." (Or some such words as these.)

      Understandably, it can be very disCOMFORTing not having an
      'organized' FaithStucture to cling to. The 'Not Knowing' Where One Is Going After
      Passing-On, can be a very frightening prospect! We ask ourselves:
      What-Will-Happen...to us when we are no longer here, and will our [Religious]
      actions/activities determine whether we go 'Up' or 'Down'? Everyone East and West, knows the
      concept... . The thought that EVERYone we care for is [ looking DOWN when
      they have finally passed-on... . Note: even the mangy Mafia figure, (who
      by-the-way was struck in the heart by a rival's bullet while executing fifteen of
      them in a sleazy alleyway). These types of funerals are always 'performed' in
      the biggest and best cathedrals in town; and TheBigGuy's, {God's} praise is
      tossed about effectively as if the raunchy dead-guy were the Pope's right hand

      Oh well,
      ps: Each person will have to--or not as their own case goes, discover this
      particular/peculiar phenomenon of Understanding for themselves.

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