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RE: [existlist] Running On Empty (part two)

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  • Robert Keyes
    Devils Advocate Mood. Comments below(Bob..) ... From: existlist@yahoogroups.com [mailto:existlist@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Trinidad Cruz Sent: Friday,
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      Devils Advocate Mood.
      Comments below(Bob..)

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      Of Trinidad Cruz
      Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 6:45 PM
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      Subject: [existlist] Running On Empty (part two)

      Running On Empty
      (part 2)

      We know very little about ourselves.

      [Robert Keyes] This is deep. Thought about it for 2 minutes, My conclusion
      is that statement may be poetry...

      We know very little about our
      planet. We know very little about the universe.

      Robert Keyes] Disagree, we know a lot. There is a solid Theory (Of course
      math based) that has it figured out from 1 sec after the Big Bang till now.
      I think that is accomplishment. Question: If we know the General Picture is
      a Fact, does it really Matter the details. Does it really matter the next
      level of physics to only discover another level that you can conceive of.
      Will Physics ever stop the Hunt for Superstrings. And then what are the
      superstrings made of. The fact we don't know these things does not matter to
      the big picture. Humans may have got it right already with the FIRST law of
      Thermodynamics, Matter can be Created Nor Destroyed. If Matter exists its
      here forever, i.e. it cannot be destroyed (assuming the law is true of
      course). If Matter was not here it could not be created. (again assuming the
      law is true). So what do we make of this... I think the logic can be carried
      farther. (wont at the moment, want to play chess)

      The passing of our
      days here, if we are reasonably intelligent and even marginally
      educated, is like drifting down relentlessly deeper into an ever
      darkening abyss of what there is to know about these things - most
      especially if we are attempting to know something with any rigor.

      [Robert Keyes] No Human can understand more than 1 sub sub sub sub sub topic
      of anything with Rigor. We are way to dumb for that... I am speaking on
      behalf of the 99.99999 percent club...

      Scientific education in this age carries with it a profound and
      natural terror - an accepted metahypothesis that one can only
      contribute minutely to scientific understanding in the course of a
      whole lifetime of dedication,

      [Robert Keyes] Super great point !!

      and beyond that, any meaningful
      illuminating discovery only reveals around itself a greater newer
      darkness of what is not known.

      [Robert Keyes] I think the big picture is known. I honestly don't think the
      details bother people. Plus if you dig too deep in one subject it takes away
      from others, and most subjects/concepts overlap.... (Mainly because are ape
      brains cannot adhere nor follow logic very far-some humor)

      The true scientist approaches this as a
      fact of time and the pursuit of understanding; again a metahypothesis
      denying the existence of irony in any scientific endeavor to
      understand. A man once observed a volcanic eruption and assumed fire
      boiled up out of the earth. A man once observed lightening strike a
      tree and assumed fire fell from the sky. A man once observed that
      warmth and light could be had from fire and began experiments to learn
      how to personally ignite fire, or as some have argued a man saw in the
      mastery of fire a weapon to strike fear in his enemies or play God for
      his cultural peers, or as others have argued perhaps a knowledge or
      expertise to barter for venison or fish. Though these seemingly
      different motives indeed have different after the fact sociological
      ramifications, the motives are actually all the same -
      to find for
      oneself greater comfort in life.

      [Robert Keyes] True, Humans will do what is in their best interest and
      comfort is one of them. My Dog will sleep on the couch rather than the floor
      if I let him. And it is important enough to him that he try's every so often
      knowing he should not. (He jumps off if he hears me coming down the stairs).

      The pursuit of comfort in a hostile
      environment has driven men to scientific endeavor. The scientific
      endeavor is figuring out how to ignite the fire, not the pursuit of
      the comfort of knowing how to ignite the fire. Though a man may be
      concerned with comfort before and after the fact, while seized in the
      process of understanding how to do something with the fabric of the
      universe he has come of, he has reached a higher more timeless area of
      species expression where comfort has no meaning - as is indeed the
      real though unaccepted "truth" for any member of the human race
      today. Comfort provides no solace to the whole man. It means something
      to him only in those he comforts.

      [Robert Keyes] This is almost profound(I am most usually wrong-tough
      puzzle), I have never looked at this way...

      For the whole man has accepted
      species-wide responsibility precisely because of rigorously
      scientifically ascertaining his personal limitations. Pragmatism lays
      this responsibility easily aside by seizing its primary dynamism from
      sociological devlopment. We may hardly characterize it as a rugged
      individualism of a whole man, when it seeks solution of a seething
      mass of cultural implementation, and considers the best solution the
      most comfortable.

      [Robert Keyes] What you write is for sure plausible and makes sense.

      In this it historically excuses religion and
      literary fantasy to the point of fascism if indeed comfort appears to
      be at all on the horizon.

      [Robert Keyes] Possible for sure, why rock the boat. I got mine mentality.

      We may compose an endless thesaurus of
      terminology for philosophical views, yet there are only two - the
      pragmatic or the scientific. Every human being switches back and forth
      between them constantly, but overwhelmingly in general the human race
      goes about its daily life with a pragmatic view with only the
      occasional foray into scientific discovery. The work of hard science
      has simply grown quite difficult.

      [Robert Keyes] Science is a business and will Thrive, nothing can stop it.
      Because the details are unknowable should be expected. We have more
      questions about things now scientifically than Newton did !!! But have is
      the big Picture Today, something Newton could not.

      Existential angst; the yearning for
      rest, the yearning for comfort, the yearning for safety, is all the
      direct result of an apelike pragmatic view unable to accept the
      limitations of being something newer - a man.

      [Robert Keyes] And that is for only the 1 percent smart like you. The rest
      is is pure raw Ape- Emotion.

      It is the frustrated
      monkey unable to suffer the grand sorrow of manhood.

      [Robert Keyes] True, but do you blame them... Whatever makes them happy they
      will do. We are animals. (More animal than Human, I think I can prove that,
      I know an animal is a human)

      Trinidad Cruz

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