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Re: [existlist] Re: Interpreting the disappearing buildings

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  • greg goodwin
    The terrorists are idiots. They do something in advertisement of their abilities and power in a sneaky , unprecedented manner and think they have accomplished
    Message 1 of 17 , Sep 14 9:56 AM
      The terrorists are idiots. They do something in
      advertisement of their abilities and power in a
      'sneaky', unprecedented manner and think they have
      accomplished something of great importance.
      The simple minded are impressed with simple things.
      Even though this is a horrible tragedy that has
      occurred on our native soil (I am sick of hearing
      about Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was not a state then, nor
      part of the U.S.) it was nothing more than a simple
      act perpetrated by those of simple minds.
      The destruction and effect on the people of America
      has been an inspiration to re-unite the country as "
      one nation under God" and hopefully will turn our
      self-serving individualists, that exist in great
      numbers, into persons that think of a greater good.
      Five plus dollars for a gallon of gasoline. Anyone
      that would look at this situation as an opportunity to
      make a profit should be noted and passed to real
      Americans, and then boycotted in repayment for their
      support of the country in her time of need.
      The eternal optimist would view this as a wonderful
      opportunity to once again become the greatest country
      on Earth, while the eternal pessimist would see this
      as the beginning of the end.

      I hope, I'm an optimist!

      --- Roggles457@... wrote
      > Just a small response to something someone said on
      > this thread. Bill claimed
      > that all we need to do is is knock out the command
      > and control of these
      > cells. That is not true. These cells are set up to
      > prevent that from
      > happening. If main command gets knocked out, a
      > secondary commander within
      > each cell gets strategic command of his cell. Also,
      > consider this. These
      > people use extreme tactics and are extremely
      > vengeful as it is. What happens
      > if we knock out the command? These are the last
      > people we want becoming even
      > more vengeful, and going to further extremes than
      > they already have. They
      > have only one rule of war: hit where it hurts. Life
      > means nothing to them in
      > this sphere. You will have to destroy every last
      > one of these terrorists,
      > not merely lop off the head.
      > Ryan

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