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A review of words

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  • Jim Aiden
    I d like to examine where you perceive my flaw Eduard. My comments are in But I ve noticed a tendency for people to get
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2001
      I'd like to examine where you perceive my flaw Eduard. My comments
      are in << >>

      <<Let me reiterate.....>>

      "But I've noticed a tendency for people to get confused between the
      concepts of observational and interpretive comments though. So I'd
      like to speak about these words (from my perspective of course).

      If I observe a World Trade Building collapsing and say 'The World
      Trade building is collapsing', I am not passing a moral judgment about
      it. I am not saying it is right or wrong. I am not saying I am
      infallible to tricks of the senses. I am simply saying I have observed
      this structure collapsing (on television). Nothing more, nothing

      << Let me interject a moment at this comment. My point leading up to
      that statement is all about observational statements, not about the
      World Trade Center. Yet you switched gears and filled in the blanks
      suggesting that I somehow perceived it was not wrong the WTC was
      bombed. Yes I said the words, but you completely ignored the lead up
      and my comments later. It was almost like you weren't reading at
      all because I had a big warning sign and you walked straight into

      "Sometimes people are so caught up in existing thought processes,
      they cannot separate the ideas of interpretation and observation. It
      seems inherent in human nature to fill in the blanks when someone
      states an observation, that it somehow contains a moral or
      philosophical agenda."

      << A more emphatic was ignored.... >>


      << Or a very humanist did not find it's way in? >>

      "When I argue how diversity enabled life to continue even though
      the dinosaurs were the fittest under certain conditions (for a hundred
      and fifty million years) doesn't that make sense?"

      << Perhaps a very compassionate was missed? >>

      "All politics and philosophy aside, my condolences and sympathies go
      out to my American brothers that lost any friends and family to
      today's tragedy. Some might call it justice, others terrorism, but for
      me it does not matter if it is a Palestinian, Israeli or American.
      It's just sad. Perhaps it means nothing but there are literally tears
      in my eyes this moment when I think about the scale of innocent people
      that died today, that just wanted to earn a paycheck to feed their
      families and simply exist for another day.

      << Even some humility....>>

      "I feel ashamed that one of my species could kill so many for some
      supposed glory and the blood on their hands is a testimate to the
      stench of my own inaction."

      << some anger....>>

      "There is no honour in murder or war.... only death....only
      suffering. Politicians that politically capaitalize on war make me
      sick Mr. Bush. Monsters that murder children in G~D's name, disgust me
      Mr.Arafat. A people that scream the evils of genocide, stealing
      anothers country and not expecting retribution strikes me as stupidity
      and hypocrisy... what say you hardline politicians of Israel? If there
      is a G~D or Allah, may all of you suffer the same compassion you have
      shown others, at his hands. You all only speak a language of
      hypocrisy,of the power hungry.

      << and finally reason? >>

      " I do not pretend to know the solutions, but it seems obvious we
      must find new ways of doing things and coexisting, otherwise one day
      the clock will run out of time. It cannot be done in a day or as some
      kneejerk reaction to some horrific event. A 'religion' without
      the uncertainties and instabilites of the metaphysical. It must be a
      slow, methodical, rational and scientific truth with a humanist eye to
      a morality with a depth far beyond genetics, aesthetics, economics or
      politics. Something that every 'I' can acknowledge and feel the
      importance of 'we'. Perhaps I am not so rational at this moment, but I
      am angry and frustrated to be human on this black day.

      << And all you saw was that one out of context sentence and some
      reference to some (unknown) comment that you percieved me sympathetic
      to Mcveigh? (Perhaps chitchats with Richard are influencing you? Will
      the world polarize yet again?) And you are amazed? And I am thanking
      you for accepting my weakness?

      I still think your good guy, but you are welcome to fill in the
      blanks at this time Eduard and perhaps reassess who should have the
      grievance and who has been slandered here.>>

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