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  • Gretchyn Lenger
    Yana, I think I understand what you re saying and what your fears are. My perspective is this. Regardless of cloning, even if you, as you are in your totality
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 30, 1999
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      I think I understand what you're saying and what your fears are. My
      perspective is this. Regardless of cloning, even if you, as you are in
      your totality reincarnated thousands of times I don't think you would live
      the exact same life you are now. For every choice you have ever made there
      were numerous alternate choices that could have steared you on a
      completely different path. If you took all these incarnations and looked
      at them in hindsight, I think they would all be very different. Each time
      it would have been you - same hair and eye color, same abilities,
      proclivities, etc. But there are so many variables in each individual
      life, that the person who emerges at the end of each life path would be
      very different. Hopefully my hasty hypothetical makes some sense.

      That being said, if you were cloned, those physical characteristics would
      be the same, but I personally believe the spirit would be unique and the
      choices innumerable. Even a Hitler clone could make completely different
      choices - maybe finish art school and stay out of politics completely!

      I do think there is merit to the argument that there are enough neglected
      people already living on this planet. I understand how cloning feels
      superfluous in the face of that. But there will always be that unavoidable
      drive in humans to forge ahead even if they leave behind an unfinished
      job. Many have argued against the space program for decades based on this
      same viewpoint but that drive to explore and experiment with the yet
      unknown persists.

      - Gretchyn

      On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Yana Youhana wrote:

      > From: "Yana Youhana" <yana_youhana@...>
      > Rajiv & Vanaja (The wife),
      > What exactly bothers me? well, what if they clonn some1 like Hitler
      > X 10? And how do we know they won't be worse? I am thinking also
      > about our 6 senses, would it be exactly the same? would it be like
      > identical twins ( and even then, identical twins could have totaly
      > different personalities)? I guess as a human being (I hope I'm one), anytime
      > that something new comes along that does not agree with what I have
      > been brought up with, I try to reject it and be afraid of it.
      > One time when I was about 16 or so in Athens, with bunch of class mates and
      > friends we were sitting in down town (Amonia) and having turkish coffee and
      > smoking filter-less french cigaretts and enjoying life (minding our own
      > business and analyzing people ( the way they walked, were dressed, etc.),
      > when suddenley 2 women came passing by holding hands and kissing,
      > #1, I had up to that point never seen 2 women kissing, #2, we
      > found out they were both men, which shocked me more and gave me
      > an unliking feeling. For my greek friends it wasn't that surprising
      > because they had seen it before and they were just joking about it.
      > what was I trying to say, oh, my point is if I had been brought-up
      > being thought that was a natural thing, I would not have been shocked
      > and disscusted, so I believe that goes for most of people [(as I said if we
      > have been kept away from things that our parents and society
      > consider to be wrong) I do not agree with that], haveing said that, my
      > question is not accepting something becasue of our past experiences,
      > does that make us prejudice? So, if people condemn cloning do you think,
      > they are ignorant to the science? And also above all, we already have
      > childeren starving in some parts of Africa and India and
      > other 3rd world contry, why should we not take care of them, is it
      > because cloning will cause perfect humans (physicaly in a sense that they
      > won't need food so we won't have to worry about kids starving in some parts
      > of the world, so cloning is a good way of getting rid of our human
      > obligations). You also said that it would be interested to
      > have another one of you sitting next to you and having different kind of
      > experiences, how do you know he would? Thank You!
      > ~yana
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