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RE: [existlist] Re: back to basics

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  • Robert Keyes
    Thought I sent this 2 days ago... stuck in my out box, humor error...(I would hate to judge it now, I might think differently, so I am sending it... Comments
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 3, 2005
      Thought I sent this 2 days ago... stuck in my out box, humor error...(I
      would hate to judge it now, I might think differently, so I am sending it...

      Comments below

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      Subject: [existlist] Re: back to basics

      ... I am continually struggling, whenever I come to existlist, to
      find an adequate definition for what existentialism might be,

      [Robert Keyes]
      Are you saying existentialism exists and you are trying to
      discover it, OR, you think you should be the one defining a concept
      namely existentialism. I hope is the latter or things could get
      complicated.. (some humor-only the last sentence of course).

      Neither. Existentialism is a concept.

      [Robert Keyes] Of course it is a concept......

      Individuals exist, not

      [Robert Keyes] They both exist. Individuals come fist, then concepts. Thus
      The physics of the situation. It cannot be that thoughts make
      matter(discounting mysticism).

      I am a subjectivist. This means that clarifying its
      definition for myself is part of a process that is physical.

      If you
      wanted to put me in a lab twice a week for the purposes of taking
      objectively verifiable readings - CAT-scans etc.? - you might see
      some relationship between thinking about concepts and the effect on
      brain chemistry, feelings, behaviour, and so on.

      [Robert Keyes] Don't get emotional because you realize ugly reality.
      We are like computers. We have hardware and programming ability. (software).
      Software cannot exist without hardware.

      What CSW has
      described, as I recall, is a state of affairs in some academic
      institutions where analysis of word-structures entirely independent
      of lived life is thought to be the only philosophy worthy of the

      [Robert Keyes] First of all this is logically impossible. Humans define
      Words, and everything else, we cannot be eliminated from the equation .

      Whereas I would say that is not philosophy of any kind at
      all, more like a branch of scientific methodology (post-Newton)
      quite plausibly economically and socially noxious.

      [Robert Keyes] I am not for killing the weak either. But don't act like
      that is the only option.

      [Louise] How would I distinguish its definition [that of
      existentialism] from that of philosophy?

      [Robert Keyes] You cant...

      Why not??

      [Robert Keyes] Because you have not defined the question stick enough to
      mean anything.

      Plenty to be going on with here. If I tackle other questions, I'll
      put them in a different e-mail.

      Bob....by the way Louise , I was playing with my new ipaq and saw your hot
      photo. You look 25. I imagined you as like 60. How old are you...

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