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re an offering / Have (a continued) Warm And Wonderful Week.

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  • NEFILIM001@aol.com
    Ms. Louise s post: ..I have cut and pasted the following message (with my husband s help! - there, you men, don t say we don t appreciate you), from yahoo
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
      Ms. Louise's post:

      " "..I have cut and pasted the following message (with my husband's
      help! - there, you men, don't say we don't appreciate you), from
      yahoo allthemadmen group, where I made my internet participation
      debut [8 January 2004].

      ... whose neurons are dazed ...

      Shakespeare's *Tempest*, Act III Scene ii.

      Stephano and Trinculo are drunk. The former urges Caliban to drink
      deep also, whilst the latter mocks him. Ariel enters invisibly, is
      witness to Stephano's manipulation of the other two... ," "
      ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ||

      Dearest Loulse;
      Thank you very much for the above contribution--and please thank
      your wonderful Husband for me.
      I could not have been, obviously, farther off-the-mark. Forgive me,
      I was wrong; (not so unlike, 'Eating The Plums...'); do make the usual and
      appropriate excuses for my adamant ignorance of the facts thereof--and think
      nothing of any/all my [wayward] posts these last few days... . Now--where
      were we?

      Here's hoping you and yours will have a gorgeous last few days of the week,

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