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The Fall(en) Point... H:- ] ~~please, have at it~~

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  • NEFILIM001@aol.com
    Matt, I really do clearly Understand What You Are Stating; To Quote You: ..Simply understand it as a strategy I suggested – let go of your expectation of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
      Matt, I really do clearly Understand What You Are Stating;

      To Quote You:
      " "..Simply understand it as a strategy I suggested – let go of your
      expectation of order, truthfulness, establishing right or
      wrongness….better still adopt the strategy yourself :-)... ." "
      ===================================== ||

      I am holding-on less to 'expectation' than I am speaking out re an "order,
      truthfulness...right or wrongness", which one gender in (this) a Free Society
      can do publicly--

      (A dimensional example: A lady in the plaza does not like what a gentleman
      whispers to her...she slaps him soundly; other males round about him slug him
      until he is practically disabled...OK, you will (react), the Bastard deserves
      what he got. So, [a nearby plaza]; a lady whispers something similar into a
      different gentleman's ear--and were he to follow suit, such as the lady did
      in the previous example; would not he be led away to jail--battered and
      bruised by a similar gathering of [male] guys AND very soon a squad of
      heavy-handed female or male Cops as they toss him, kicking n' scream'n into the wagon.
      The follow-up: held for ABUSE of a lady.

      So, what do I teach my son. Abuse Only goes one way -- in this modern
      society... ! Funny thing is--this little modestly [very] under important bit of
      social commentary will never be passed down as a parable in mixed
      company--because the QuestionOf[Modern]ExistentialEquality will be lost on everyone who
      hears it. It's a DadBlamedMan--who was out of line--and the bastard got
      exactly what was com'n ta' him. Oh well. {{Perhaps the 'balance' of such a fable
      can be seen on Equal Terms -- in the latter half of the 22nd(!)

      This is 'all well and good', as my Grandparents would say--but is everything
      mentioned here, 'Above Board'? In other words--do both simple and
      complicated issues apply to Both Genders relatively? Or does a brute beat-up your
      daughter--next time, because there [might be a corner of our culture where some
      sliver of equal come-up'pance-is appreciated? Don't get excited, its only a
      rhetorical question. Please do not take our little exchange as 'argument';
      but merely an 'exchange', {secretly--no one else will ever know it
      occurred--trust me,} of ideas/ideals... thank you, w/pleasantries.

      Though our (perhaps 30ish generational factor is too late in this
      regard, is not an objective, rational thing to expect your children will see
      both-sides of all issues between 'Equally performing Genders'? Are They not
      Equal each to the other? Will they not have the option--following college or
      'trade' schools, to go out individually/independently; work and bring home
      (decent) "bacon", perhaps stop by the bar with an acquaintance or two, and
      eventually go home to (selectively ) her/his/their Bachelor digs--or no?

      A lot of the women I date make as much or more money then I do. They all
      have their own places. They cook for me--I cook for them. We often 'fight'
      over the check--bar an/or restaurant. I consider myself a very secure person,
      as are the women I know. I am not in the least bit bothered by either
      women's high salaries at the work place, or/nor their sexual positions at home--and
      neither the Independent, Existential, Conversational Topics Expressed in
      between those 'scenes'... . We don't seem to think about it--until we notice
      (much more often now)--obvious examples of such both in society, and packaged
      segments and/or constant commercials within our variety of entertainment

      When they mess-up [and equally so], do we pat a female on the head, and say
      "there, there," (as we might do to a spontaneous and energetic child,) or is
      their bout of: F_ _ k-Up equally as 'responsible' a deal in society as is a
      males'? Do we just "let-them-slide" when they 'SNAP', [though we do not
      forgive Males 'sliding' on such a same score--(I guess our F-Ups are not
      {adequately melodramatic-enough} 'snaps'; but rather, just plain out 'n out Criminal
      Acts of a "3rd" sort...Hummm, Ok, Ok, I get it--"Difference" is the key.
      Right... ?)

      Do we know there is a 'serious' (female-weighted) criminal based program on
      TV--titled: "Snapped"? The female is ALWAYS forgiven for ANY/ALL bad-acts,
      brought on, of course by the trials and tribulations fostered upon them by
      vile, lilly-livered males... ? These nonFiction episodes, like those on "The
      Women's Channel", in New York, or "We"(Women's Entertainment channel), or the
      "Ladies Behaving Badly" show(s)...are Serious-As-BuckNaked Sin! Should we
      fashion a 'kool' channel on a medium, where a Male is all-Right and the Female
      is all-Wrong. No one can dispute the fact, it would not get-off-the-ground.

      I know, I know--it is all about one (gender--held down for hundreds of
      thousands of years, and now, finally putting the other [and lessor] gender
      squarely into its/their place.) alright, alright--go ahead and run over some
      mother's son--again on TV, three times in succession, why don't you; then drown all
      5-of your kids, slowly and deliberately while your female spouse is away
      (playing RocketScientist)--then kill a multitude of 'Johns' along a throughway
      in the Sunshine State of Florida--who did nothing in particular to you...but
      allow themselves to be flagged down--and then brutally murdered! Tell me when
      you have 'caught-up' and finally "even"ed this darting match.

      Outline a Court Case where your Father, Brother, Uncle or Son -- could hope
      to get away with any type of antiSocial behavior--by pleading, Judge my
      client simply "SNAPped"--he is not a menace to society and will not do it again.
      When the Father, Brother, Uncle or Son does any dastardly deed, he is Always
      responsible for his Every Action--no two ways to define it.

      I (seriously) am always surprised anytime a female is convicted of a
      crime--even when the lady kills her own parents or children. Because the way the
      game is played, guaranteed we will proceed to: [[pat them on the head]] and say
      something like: "There, there"...{what is not said--but rather implied is:
      "Little girl...just don't do it again. Go home to your kids, and do not sin
      again." Another case which illustrates them getting-off. Ohhh, just pipe
      down, She's just having a(nother) bad-('snapped')-day. It seems this "There,
      there--Little girl" implication would not go-over-well in the Big Bad World of
      business and finance--where every nuance is noticed, men and women eat each
      other for lunch, dinner--and nibble what's left over breakfast. Down there,
      they soon learn it's all about steam rolling the 'opponent'--male or
      female--AND (here it is Wise to be Responsible--with Every trade!) I worked on Wall
      Street in NYC, until recently--women outnumber men, and -- ask anybody -- it
      is no place for Little girl--Stuff.

      We each knew what we were doing--while we were doing it..except for Martha,
      of course. Many sleek and Powerful persons are convicted [decades] for
      InSide(brokerage)Trading. [[Mr. 'Mark' makes his money--slips up, and goes to
      jail without whining--but Ms. 'Martha', on the other hand, (suddenly) is deemed
      'not-aware' somehow.]] Oh, well.

      Lastly. Equality--like love means never having to say: __________,
      ___________; we each surely will fill-in the blanks with whichever gender bias we
      'choose' to be, "Still Crazy After All These Years"--to hang on to.

      I know, I know you're sitting there muttering under your breath, Yeah, yeah,
      (so's yer ole' man...Ha!) if'n yer kan't laff at yerSelf--yo Mamm'a's so
      fat, that--you complete the joke...then just slit 'cher wrists and assume the
      crucifix~position! g'nite.

      ps: Don't hate me for uncovering nonSpoken of Topics, [in mixed
      company]...Some things seem to need to be said. Not that they will be agreed with...they
      do not even have to be honored--nor easily swallowed. Oftentimes just
      stating the (perceived, of course) 'obvious' is an end unto itself:
      --Snakeshite, ooops, errrrr--or was that line spoken by that Other dirty rotten British

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