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re 'enacting thought'... (A sliver of your 'heavy' response.)

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    Hi Ms. Louise; You State: ..I ve said before that I m a sceptical existential subjectivist. Newly qualifying this, it s an enactment of the outcome of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005
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      Hi Ms. Louise;
      You State:
      " "..I've said before that I'm a sceptical existential subjectivist.
      Newly qualifying this, it's an enactment of the outcome of a duel.
      The two protagonists in question are passion and reflection. On the
      one hand, there's the personal passion of living, which includes the
      thoughts one has about living, as well as feelings, urges, speech,
      action, the pretty and the ugly stuff of human subsistence; on the
      other, the conscious willing of reflection about that passion,
      regardless of whether the results of such reflection make life's
      passions more unbearable... ." "
      ----- -- ---- ---- -- -- - - ---- - - - - - ---- -- -- -
      May I pass-on the following Copy from: 'The Primer Home Page'; The
      Existential Primer --
      " "..Existentialism attempts to describe our desire to make rational
      decisions despite existing in an irrational universe. Unfortunately, life might be
      without inherent meaning (existential atheists) or it might be without a
      meaning we can understand (existential theists). Either way, the human desires for
      logic and immortality are futile. We are forced to define our own meanings,
      knowing they might be temporary. In this existence… The Individual Defines
      Everything." "
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ||
      ---- May the Warmth of Spirited Self and Power of Individual Initiative Be
      With You...All the days of your Natural Existence... . Amen ---- FLW-Rjr.


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