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Re: A Nothing

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  • nothing@theabsurd.com
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 13, 2001
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      << There may be emotional security in not setting goals, but the
      danger of not pressuring yourself to achieve is that you may
      never learn how far your potential allowed you to go.>>

      The 'philosophical' perspective I take on that is to follow what is
      interesting. I am not sure potential matters -- or achievement...or
      pressure. Or they matter only if you are interested in them.
      Nowhere have I ever said I think the best thing is to do nothing.
      But I also don't know that my perspective is positive or even
      benign for others -- just like a bad understanding of anything
      might lead to the wrong conclusions.

      Is preaching requisite?

      <<(I couldn't leave without a parting shot could I?) >>

      No you couldn't.

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