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Re: [existlist] re Re: TheStressOfSexuality--It does not go Both-Ways, of course... . /;-O

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  • Aija Veldre Beldavs
    ... don t your 2 paragraphs self-contradict? if women aren t being convicted of crimes, how come facilities are being built at twice the rate of male
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2005
      On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 NEFILIM001@... wrote:

      > Shoot 7-male Johns to death, or rob and steal--a Male judge will find a
      > reason to slap-you-on-the-wrist?! Males get the 'Chair' for the same
      > crimes. But Nooooo, can't 'kill' a female--not done. Not in Murder
      > Cases and Not in War...it is just a crime against nature.

      > CNN just reported today on National TV: females are committing more
      > 3-to-1(ratio) of capital crimes than males--and Prison Facilities for
      > women are being build at twice the rate as male facilities...I'm sure
      > Google will have something on this by midday tomorrow.

      don't your 2 paragraphs self-contradict? if women aren't being convicted
      of crimes, how come facilities are being built at twice the rate of male

      additionally from <http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org>:

      <There were 54 women on death row across the country as of July 1, 2005
      (NAACP Legal Defense Fund).

      The next scheduled execution of a woman is:
      Frances Newton in Texas on Sept. 14, 2005.

      There have been 10 executions of women in the U.S. since the death penalty
      was reinstated in 1976. The most recent such execution was:
      Aileen Wuornos in Florida on October 9, 2002.>

      in any case if you read the literature, it's pretty hard to talk of
      even-handed justice. in the case of the mentally ill man who did get a
      reprieve yesterday in my state of Indiana, everyone, including the
      prosecutor and the victims' families was for reprieve. only the parole
      board insisted he be executed.

      guess existentialism with its emphasis on individuals goes out the window
      even for people on this list when it comes to sexual politics and
      stereotyping thrown together with a bit of popsych about the Terrible
      Mother in any of her "my woman" roles.

      btw analogous to Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre, perhaps the greatest
      Latvian writer Rainis (birth name Janis Pliekshaans, 1865-1929) was
      married to Aspazija (birthname Elza Rozenberga) who started out as his
      superior artistically, then muted her career for his benefit. there are
      many arguments as to how much of Rainis's work was actually that of his
      proto-feminist wife (she had significant published work of her own that
      can be compared in style).

      ironically, another acknowledged Latvian female writer of the period Anna
      Brigadere (in contrast to the political left-wing views of Rainis and
      Aspaazija) wrote more conventionally as to gender roles, but raised
      herself up from farm servant to middle class, was self-supporting with her
      writing, unmarried, with no one but herself to take responsibility. the
      question is who was the more "liberated" woman, the more aristocratic one
      who espoused it in brilliant theory and art, or the one living in practice
      publishing literary fairy tales in the style of Hans Christian Andersen?

      as for who is to blame for the millenia long practice of Chinese (Han)
      footbinding where the little girl's foot was broken, her toes folded under
      and broken, the flesh decaying to result in a tiny amputated stump...isn't
      it like other such practices of female "beauty" (clitoridectomies, brass
      rings on necks that snap when they're removed)? the mothers fear their
      daughters will not be marriageable, so enforce the practice out of "love."
      also they survived (not everyone does), so the suffering has to be made
      meaningful. the men hear stories how these practices enhance male pleasure
      (the artificial gait of the bound foot was rumored to tighten up vaginal
      muscles). in any case, control of another human being, body and soul,
      for some is a stronger motivation than any rational argument.

      with no spellcheck on my pine program & lacing even time to proofread
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