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More philosophical mumbo-jumbo

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  • Jim Aiden
    ... see the dialogue above), but most likely would not be entirely the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2001
      << (I will accept your assumption that our interpretations dilute
      the original). >>

      > I would never suggest that. Interpretations can be worse or better
      see the dialogue above), but most likely would not be entirely
      the same. <

      Reread this Richard. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but you are
      arguing a point that we seem to be totally in agreement on, just to
      show that I cannot predict your opinions (That's how it appears like
      to me at least). I've reread your reply many times, and no matter how
      hard I try, I cannot find rational reasoning in that your argument is
      in any significant way different than mine except in a minor
      semantical way. And yet you typed it.

      I've made this point, before but I'll restate a different way.
      Sometimes we have semantic hurdles that are difficult to overcome. For
      myself, I try to see if a word is in the spirit of my argument
      (approximation). I am simply making a observation, although I am sure
      I am guilty of this at times as well. It's just far easier to see when
      on the other side.

      Dilute = not entirely the same. (Close enough isn't it? Do you admit
      mistakes in something other than a general sense? Do you perceive this
      as a mistake? Is this ongoing argumentative approach tied into your
      philosophical beliefs? Do you perceive your own emotional needs when
      arguing philosophy or do you honestly believe you are somehow
      exclusive of them.) I personally believe my philsophical beliefs are
      tied into my emotional needs. Although I can't see where, I'm sure
      through deduction of observing all others, this is the case. It just a
      matter of degree.


      P.S. Just trying to clean up the communication lines as much as
      possible. No mockery or insult intended.
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