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..BetterAndForWorse?--bringing it down a notch... /:-)

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    Thank You Simone for your PlainSpoken words to us all. Simone states: ...Mon dieu! Don t think I ve ever encountered such hostility from participants in an
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      Thank You Simone for your PlainSpoken words to us all.

      Simone states:

      " "...Mon dieu! Don't think I've ever encountered such hostility from
      participants in an internet discussion group. I fear if we were in
      the same room, you'd slap my face, ridicule me, and feel completely
      justified. I certainly never expected the tenets of seminal
      Existential writers to elicit a violent reaction.

      Perhaps I misunderstand the purpose of this group. Un petit théâtre
      de l'absurde, competing répertoires, a psychiatrist's couch, or a
      different philosophical forum altogether? Members can flame,
      psychoanalyze and excessively post in this group? Guess I could play
      that game too.

      Of course, what we offer is only theory and abstract philosophy, none
      of it applicable to every human situation. There are no universal
      solutions, and to evaluate the success or failure of any system is
      speculation at best. You can only decide what works for you.

      And since when are freedom, courage to make decisions, and
      responsibility, negative values for the individual or society? If
      those concepts are unknown or forbidden in your culture, why come
      into an Existentialism group? To deconstruct it?

      As personal correspondence and lengthy scholarship are now revealing,
      the Existentialists had conflicting ideas/emotions within themselves
      and amongst each other. They were very human, optimistic at times,
      and often entertained nihilism and anarchism. We certainly contradict
      ourselves in speech and deeds as much as the great ones. It's just
      that we don't have a body of work and public reputation held up to
      scrutiny. Cocky enough to think our ideas will work for society,
      we're also fragile enough to secretly feel ambivalent. So why all the
      ideological posturing? How can you say you seek debate but then
      discourage it when you disparage someone's home or sensibilities?

      I'll submit literature which means something to me, at least that
      entertains or intrigues me. I might also demonstrate some of my
      observations. I'll just wait and see if my passions arouse another
      soul who enjoys Existential thought. Then I won't have to justify one
      of my raisons d'etre. Please excuse the excessive personal pronouns,
      commas, and a silly temporary need to be here. Mauvaise liaison


      '... --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@y...> wrote:
      > Simone <-- Sartre's initial advocacy of personal autonomy and his
      > flirtations with communism eventually evolved into a more mature
      > insistence that the individual become politically/socially engaged
      > to combat the status quo which he saw as imperialist and
      > (Camus' work developed along similar lines, but he became leery of
      > the inherent excesses of liberation movements much sooner.)
      > project was to reconcile Existentialism with Marxism. His ultimate
      > synthesis is sometimes described as *libertarian socialism*.
      > Existentialism allows the possibility of institutional leadership
      > but it must be led by free individuals. People are society, but
      > individually, and not as slaves to institutions and cultural
      > conditioning. Dave Minogue's concern about the minority reflects
      > of the most noble tenets of Existentialism.
      > Louise --> It is all THEORY. Whether we have Sartre speaking the
      > words in the 1950s, or Dave in the double ohs of our brave new
      > century, look at the actual results. You get socially rewarded, at
      > least in Britain, for speaking up on behalf of particular
      > minorities. Huge amounts of money are tied up in these
      > Speak out,... .' " "

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