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Re: [existlist] Ayn Rand and capitalism

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  • eduard at home
    Although one could argue that the government can go overboard, it is a necessary part of society. Primarily because, without laws and enforcement unfettered
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      Although one could argue that the government can go overboard, it is a necessary part of society. Primarily because, without laws and enforcement unfettered capitalism will do as it pleases. Which is also what unfettered communism does.

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      On Aug 01, 2005, at 10:49, eduard at home wrote:

      > True unfettered capitalism and I suppose, individualism ... showed
      > themselves to be morally bankrupt well into the 1930s. It's
      > unfortunate that some look back to this as an more worthy era.
      > Especially Ayn Randers who depend upon a book, instead of reality to
      > tell them what's what.

      But some of us believe failures are as important as success. That the
      "morally bankrupt" was not true capitalism because it violated the
      basic rule: an honest and open market. Unfortunately, the markets are
      still far from open, so people cannot make the best decisions.

      Also, some decisions will always be emotional, not logical. This is one
      of the problems with purely theoretical economics. Game theory is a
      good place to start that examination. Nothing like tulips to teach us

      I do believe we can and should have as open a market as possible. We
      also need enough rules to encourage this, sadly. Gene Burns,
      libertarian commentator, has said that the key is the careful balancing
      that everyone views differently. Neither the socialist nor the
      libertarian is "pure" in practice. We merely prefer different levels of
      government intrusion.

      Personally, I think people can and will do more for each other if they
      cannot use the excuse, "The government will take care of it." This is
      why private charities and funds are important to me. I'd much rather
      support the World Wildlife Foundation buying lands and administering
      them than letting the government use the Bureau of Land Mismanagement
      to sell mineral and water rights without regard to their value or
      environmental impact.

      I trust private organizations and individuals more than government.
      People mean well, but government takes these intentions and produces
      unintended consequences.

      We were in a small California beach community where one man has sued 50
      businesses for ADA violations. The ADA was meant to help the disabled
      by providing minimum access to public places. Instead, this man went
      out of his way to look for things like sinks being too low for his
      wheelchair. His lawyer was traveling with him up the coastline, looking
      for victims.

      A judge ruled that the intention of the man didn't matter, the law is
      the law. That's true, and I agree with the judge. The judge also said
      the law was poorly written and the results were absurd.

      Four of the oldest restaurants in this little community had to close.
      Another laid off every employee. Two more are trying to rebuild.

      This is why I do not appreciate "help" from government. If I have a
      problem, most stores offer to help. They want my money. They will do
      their best to earn it. They didn't need a law mandating that every
      aisle be 36-inches wide.

      Yep, give me a market that corrects problems, not a government forcing
      solutions. Popular opinion is more effective than legislation that
      merely breeds contempt.

      - C. S. Wyatt
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