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Re: Hear Hear Simone!

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  • trop_de_simones
    Thank you, Steve. I ll try not to disappoint ;-) Simone ... Simone s ... have wanted ... others ... another ... accessible, ... discussion. ... on Thoughts
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
      Thank you, Steve.

      I'll try not to disappoint ;-)


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Dower" <steevie_d@y...>
      > I don't like quoting entire posts as it is pointless clutter, but
      > last post has revived my belief in this group.
      > I read the description and the basic premise was exactly what I
      have wanted
      > to find for who knows how long. The irrelevant posts simply damning
      > opinions are much less than I expected from what I read originally.
      > Simone:
      > > I'll submit literature which means something to me, at least that
      > > entertains or intrigues me. I might also demonstrate some of my
      > > observations. I'll just wait and see if my passions arouse
      > > soul who enjoys Existential thought.
      > These are my feelings exactly. Thankyou for making them so
      > Simone, and I look forward to being involved with some serious
      > Steve
      > PS. I'm currently working on writing another short essay
      on 'Thoughts and
      > Emotions'. When I am able to word my feelings precisely I will be
      able to
      > complete it and will post here for comment.
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