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  • Verithe Luxley
    Hi Dave I think the results seem to be astoundingly beneficial in the same way that chocolate is so easy to eat! If you go to www.icco.org and Q&A and select
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2005
      Hi Dave

      I think the results seem to be astoundingly beneficial in the same
      way that chocolate is so easy to eat!

      If you go to www.icco.org and Q&A and select nutritional benefits
      articles, the footnotes of that article have a listing of some
      science research articles published in Japan.

      Hope that his useful.

      ps. for those who do not like too much sugar, your cocoa does not
      have to be sweetened...


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      > has any independant body carried out research on these findings? its
      > amazing how scientists working for mars discovered this and
      happened to
      > have a meeting about it in switzerland-home of chocolate none the
      > less.but i do like chocolate and it would be nice to have a reason
      to eat
      > more
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      > Subject: [existlist] Articles about cocoa
      > Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 05:02:56 -0000
      > Hello
      > Just in case anyone has missed these recent health articles (2
      > below), here are some scientifically confirmed benefits of cocoa:
      > - stimulates brain activity
      > - calming 'aspirin' effect on disposition
      > - massive antioxidant
      > In addition to foods of the future, cocoa(-synthetic) drinks are
      > likely to be the 'smart' drinks of the future. My guess is that
      > everyone becomes mentally stable, then there will be less clashes
      > the meeting room table... which would be a good starting point to
      > solving major world problems...
      > Regards,
      > Verithe.
      > -------------------------------------------------------------
      > Cocoa component may lead to new class of drugs
      > LAS VEGAS, USA (Daily News Central) -- Cocoa flavanols could aid
      > treatment of serious vascular complications associated with long-
      > diabetes.
      > The ingredient in cocoa and dark chocolate often credited for
      > providing cardiovascular benefits -- molecules called flavanols --
      > may lead to the development of a new class of drugs to treat
      > diabetes, strokes and vascular dementia. "The mounting scientific
      > evidence on cocoa flavanols is extraordinary," said Dr. Norm
      > Hollenberg, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and
      > of the first researchers to identify the potential health
      benefits of
      > cocoa flavanols. "This is a scientific breakthrough that could
      > lead to a medical breakthrough."
      > Additionally, scientists with Mars, Inc. have discovered that
      > entire "libraries" of cocoa flavanols can be synthesized, and that
      > new flavanols can be developed from natural flavanols, enhancing
      > their feasibility for use in pharmaceutical medications.
      > Scientists from around the world gathered in Switzerland to
      > the research at a meeting convened by Mars, which has supported
      > research for more than 15 years.
      > The company confirmed that it is holding serious discussions with
      > large pharmaceutical companies for a licensing or joint venture
      > agreement that could enable some of these compounds to be
      > as prescription drugs. "Our company has a heritage of highly
      > research in nutrition and health science, through partnerships
      > some of the world's finest scientists and universities," said Dr.
      > Harold Schmitz, Chief Science Officer for Mars. "This science is
      > moving beyond nutrition toward the research and development of
      > important health care solutions."
      > The Swiss meeting provided an opportunity for scientists from
      > the world, who are working independently on different cocoa
      > research projects, to share their findings in a peer-review
      > The latest research builds upon more than 80 peer-reviewed
      > publications that have covered, test-tube and clinical research on
      > cocoa flavanols. Among the findings discussed at the two-day
      > The specific cocoa flavanol molecules responsible for a beneficial
      > aspirin-like effect (a reduction in platelet aggregation) have
      > identified for the first time. This has major implications for
      > pharmaceutical applications.
      > Two clinical trials found that cocoa flavanols can increase blood
      > flow to key areas of the brain, suggesting the potential for
      > treatment of vascular impairment associated with elderly people,
      > including dementia.
      > Building on previous findings that cocoa flavanols can boost
      > synthesis of nitric oxide by blood vessels, increasing blood
      flow, a
      > new clinical study found that such increases can also be achieved
      > among people with diabetes. This suggests that cocoa flavanols
      > aid in treatment of serious vascular complications associated with
      > long-term diabetes.
      > The ability to synthesize cocoa flavanols has become a reality,
      > the mechanisms behind their actions in the body are now becoming
      > understood.
      > -------------------------------------------------------------
      > Candy good for you? Mars to probe cocoa benefits
      > Mon Jul 25, 2005 1:41 PM ET
      > By Eleanor Wason
      > LONDON (Reuters) - Mars, the company that made its fortune
      > chocolate cravings, unveiled plans on Monday to develop
      > that use a component of cocoa to help treat diabetes, strokes and
      > vascular disease.
      > The privately held U.S. company that produces M&Ms and Mars bars
      > it hoped to make medications based on flavanols -- plant chemicals
      > with health benefits found in cocoa, as well as red wine and green
      > tea.
      > It is now in talks with several large pharmaceutical companies
      for a
      > licensing or joint venture agreement to develop medicinal products
      > based on its research.
      > After 15 years and more than $10 million worth of studies, Mars
      > it had developed hundreds of compounds that copy the aspirin-like
      > blood-thinning properties of cocoa flavanols.
      > "We know we have an interesting and powerful property that would
      > people," said Mars Chief Science Officer Dr Harold Schmitz.
      > "In order for these to be developed we need a big partner...It
      > not tens of million but hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a
      > product to market."
      > He declined to say which companies Mars is in talks with.
      > "The mounting scientific evidence is extraordinary," said Dr Norm
      > Hollenberg, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, which
      > has collaborated with Mars on cocoa research.
      > "This is a scientific breakthrough that could well lead to a
      > breakthrough."
      > Hollenberg was chairing a two-day seminar with 20 science and
      > experts in Switzerland to discuss the newest research on cocoa's
      > potential health benefits.
      > Two clinical trials have found that cocoa flavanols can boost the
      > flow of blood to key areas of the brain, raising the possibility
      > treatments for dementia and strokes.
      > A new clinical study has also shown flavanols' ability to improve
      > synthesis of nitric oxide by blood vessels could aid treatment of
      > blood circulation problems associated with long-term diabetes.
      > A medicinal drug based on Mars's research would probably use
      > synthetic compounds although in some areas natural cocoa compounds
      > had also shown to be quite promising, Schmitz said.
      > "Every month we are making new and different compounds," he said.
      > It would take about five to seven years from agreeing a joint
      > to get a product to market, he added.
      > Mars has already launched CocoaVia, a nutrition bar containing 80
      > calories and specially preserved flavanols, which typically get
      > destroyed in usual cocoa processing.
      > The chocolate industry had to rid its products of a junk food
      > and highlight cocoa's healthier qualities to encourage demand for
      > produce mainly grown by poor African farmers, industry experts
      > at a conference in Malaysia last week.
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