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Re: [existlist] does the Earth have a meaning?

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  • dave minogue
    the thing i have to say about bring the vioces of the dead into the realm of the living is that they werent always right-not to say we are always right (well i
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2005
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      the thing i have to say about bring the vioces of the dead into the realm
      of the living is that they werent always right-not to say we are always
      right (well i may be..perhaps). like you said before, we stand on the
      shoulders of giants, not only so we can touch the clouds but so we can
      see further.i know your not stupid enough to try convince people that the
      world is flat etc but my point is that we should learn from mistakes of
      the past but its worrying that we as people continue to repeat mistakes
      made over and over again but just find new ways of doing it, eg the salem
      witch trials and the McCarthy era. its obvious for all our communities
      which can vary from pigme dance nights to tea and scrumpets on the lawn
      lunchons, we live live in relative harmony. but the one thing that really
      pisses every single community of humans off is when peoples beliefs come
      into conflict, people as a whole have a problem with accepting others
      have different beliefs, isnt that wierd? the only problem i have with doc
      phill and opera is that although what they do and say is fundamentally
      sound i think for the most part they only give a kind of make over of
      problems, as in they cover up scars with make up but at the end of the
      day when these people are alone and wash theire face they still have a
      scar. i think that instead of building over a crack they should find out
      the cause of the scar and rebuild so to speak.in a way its a distant
      relative (we're talking very distant, fifth cousin once removed distant)
      of excercism (i think thats how its spelt). as in its just giving people
      a phantasy way out of a problem, and phantasy as we all know, arent real.
      but i'll agree with you that they do offer good advice to the whole, did
      i make my point clear tho? mother earth, she does have a lot of
      sentimental value doesnt she?

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      From: louise
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      Subject: [existlist] does the Earth have a meaning?
      Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 13:00:56 -0000

      My unfolding experience of adult life is one of hidden matter
      appearing to view, combined with an ever-refining interpretation of
      what both the hidden and the open matter of my life actually
      signify, at least to me. The more truly I embrace the truth of
      these interpretations, absolute in their nature and unconditionally
      loved because coterminous with my own survival, hence even with
      my 'mindless' instincts, the more does there seem a hope for genuine
      community. That is, many people already have a sense of community,
      with which they are more or less happy, which may centre most around
      blood family, or church, street gang, or rowing club, native city or
      country, etc. There is obvious potential for conflict both within
      each group and between adjacent or competing groups. My own
      existential struggle has led me both in theory and in practice to
      the conclusion that needful political change must go hand-in-hand
      with thoroughgoing evolution for the individual, the few at first,
      spreading to the many. I intend to continue quoting historically
      dead philosophers because philosophy remains alive, spiritually and
      metaphorically, rather like the Earth herself, as mythical figure.
      Listening to the voices of her most brilliant sons and daughters
      brings from the hiddenness into the light what I believe we need to
      know. I do not discount the wisdom of Dr. Phil and Oprah - so far
      as I can tell, they are founts of wisdom for the democratic masses.
      However, democracy as we know it is buckling under the strains of
      its success and its failure. It must evolve. Collectively, we
      humans decide the direction of that change; of course, it will vary
      in different places, proceed at different tempi, there will be
      dissonance and synchronicity. I'm sending myself to sleep again. I
      want to quote Kierkegaard because he thinks and writes better than I
      do. However. I've made an attempt.


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