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  • NEFILIM001@aol.com
    Yes, Simone... as you state: ...many people are lazy or really don t care what others think. Maybe they want to hold us as a captive audience, and prolong
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2005
      Yes, Simone... as you state:

      "...many people are lazy or really don't
      care what others think. Maybe they want to hold us as a captive
      audience, and prolong the agony of conversation when there are other
      important or frivolous things to do. Too many words, too much
      complexity, and here we go. Concise must also be precise,... "

      I agree. We do care more about 'precision' in other fields, than in that of
      writing, thinking and communication. RocketScience; Chemistry; Biology and
      Mathematics -- seem to command a great deal more 'conciseness'. 2+2 is not
      approximate...(except perhaps in the philosophical or Saturday Night Live
      world)..it not 5, nor 3--but "4". H2O is not relatively Water--in the usefully
      maintained scientific valence grouping on charts we maintain assiduously, it
      IS "water". I could go on... .

      Listen (pause and do so 'seriously' for a moment each day), to an Anchor
      Person, a Professor, a respected President -- you will hear: "Fer"; rarely will
      you hear: "For". [[We all write, we listen and we speak to/with each
      other--but does it make a difference what we {really} 'hear'?.]]
      These are not of course, the only 'basic' grammatical errors we
      hear--when we actually listen.
      The Word GOT, is very prevalent in common everyday usage!! The word
      "have" is practically obsolete--everyone says "got" -- AllDayLong; about as
      much as they say: "OhMyGod"! (I don't have a headache--I GOT A HEADACHE; and
      is not just the poorly educated, and lowly situated among us who lazily
      dis-use the 'American' language. Got is now one of the 'newest'
      (unconsciously[?] uttered) IT-words. Do any of us actually hear ourselves speak any longer?
      We un-consciously follow trends--even when it is important that we relate
      concisely/precisely. Ooops, we are already Clones...where has all
      'originality' gone?

      In "Guy and Dolls", Guys were Male and Dolls were Female. {{Ohhh,
      re(friggn')lax already; the bit was only a bit of 'entertainment'--'back in the day'
      \:-). Let's not go all: GenderWars over past theater stuff.}} Guys(males)
      and Gals(females) were well defined conversational word-usages... . Now
      whether it is a mixture of boys n' girls--or all girls; we address them all as
      GUYs; (again), so-do-[serious]-newscasters. booooo! /;-(
      I suppose this started with younger folks--as a lot of "fads" do.
      *see: 'Right On'; High-Fives; You-Go-Girl, etc. Easy to do, in a cutesy,
      casual, Wazhapp'n setting--no prob'. But NewsWomen and NewsMen ease into and out
      of this generic-jargon as naturally--during their 'serious' prime time
      Broadcasts as do their own kids-on-the-street. [[*note: hand in the air; "True
      story/I'm not making this stuff up"!!!! Ha.]]
      And-NoBody-(seems to)-Hear It/or Care about it! I don't really care
      either--relatively speaking. So long as we do it 'consciously', in the
      (casual) moment. Oh well...too much to ask.
      But don't let us place the wrong Nuclear fuel ratio into a
      particular conical concrete silo, or (YourGod[s]--(oops) help us, into a recipe of
      simple 'bar-b-que' potato chips..THEN (sorry for all the 'shouting'), we do
      notice. I suppose certain recipes MUST-be-precise/concise; for example: when we
      pop a sucker or buttered kernel of air-blown corn in our mouths in a dark
      theater...OK, time to do the notice 'thingeee'.
      "That's where I'm comm'n from"--seriously such phrases out of the
      mouths of our muchly respected/listented-to PrimeTime Newscasters--and Prime
      Ministers. But, {nevermind... .}

      I Sincerely had fun with this one--but I am seriously in contention with the
      content of this note. I am finished--so, have at it.

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