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a vicarious season

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Thanks Bill, as always, for your colorful reports. O soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible. - Pindar, Pythian iii
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2005
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      Thanks Bill, as always, for your colorful reports.

      "O soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of
      the possible." - Pindar, Pythian iii

      Being the gimpy chicken shit I am, I've never taken it to the limit.
      Had a dream one time that instead of floating out into the big ocean,
      I turned back against the flow, where death was the beginning. I beat
      it. But that was just a dream, and one can only do that for so long.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > We are beginning to evaluate the merits of the offshore boats life.
      > It is sort of navy seals for old people. Assaualt Training for
      > head team members seems overkill but we love to train. We did a
      > hundred miler and had no more than a few bruses with no attendant
      > liver damage. You can`t drink in those boats, you wear it in the
      > first 100 yds. The Admaral has a big cruiser and has become a
      > condo commando. He won`t ride the boat because he knows it is
      > dangerous. But now the conversation runs to stories of the fast
      > boats. The women have ridden the fast boat , but not the Admiral.
      > i remarked of the lounging teenage progeny that the heirs apparent
      > seem comfortable. The Admiral said fuck them I`m spending it all.
      > Is that the kind of "We' Louise supposes binds americans?If they
      > will not give us tomorrow, we will take it. The boats mechanical
      > foreman was weapons in the military. He preferred a mini gun but
      > turned it in for driving racing boats. He is a wonderfully compact
      > bail of wire who can claim to have done helo combat. he makes sure
      > we are ship shape and is happy when we bring it back in one piece.
      > The Admiral says the boat pigs will get us, not this time, we have
      > a better plan.We have several routes down there and everyone
      > actually has a drivers license. Ithink that was when I knew I was
      > getting old, my friends had drivers privelidges. Traditionally
      > membership in this group meant keeping a attourney in the closet.
      > Now the attourney thinks he is an Admiral. If the Cpt got back it
      > was a no wants , no warrants trip.
      > Im not suggesting this life to others but present it as a
      > route for an extentialist. It is no sweetheart ride but it sure has
      > it`s moments. Yesterday two cats blasted by us , they are first
      > class fast and unstable in wakes and winds. Two weeks ago a young
      > man was killed when the driver scrambled the cat.The boat pigs got
      > him for running too fast near Party Cove. Everything is leagend as
      > this is Frank and Jessey country. "It`s a certain kind of man that
      > likes to hear the sound of his own name" Eagles. Bill
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