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TO: G-8 POETS FOR UP (Universal Prosperity)

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  • Tim Lang
    TO: G-8 POETS FOR UP (Universal Prosperity) If You re taught to plant You won t need a supplement If You re taught to know Better ways may start to show If
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
      TO: G-8 POETS FOR UP (Universal Prosperity)

      If You're taught to plant
      You won't need a supplement
      If You're taught to know
      Better ways may start to show
      If You're taught to create
      It may never be too late
      If You're taught to begin
      Someday You just might win

      If You're taught to be
      A human that is free

      If You want to be a "have" as opposed to a "have not"
      It can't be just because someone else has a lot
      So if you think we can do better divide equality
      I say what we really need is Universal Prosperity

      tim/zuz c/C21-/01-06-05 (tim lang)

      UP for ALL - "Live Long and Prosper"

      Equality of political power, economy, health status is not the answer
      to the world's problems if it means dividing what is available. MORE
      of everything for everyone is what is required. For example, world
      wide economic equality would amount to personal incomes of around
      5000 dollars per person.

      A new age of prosperity not only includes more equitable distribution
      but also more of everything to distribute. This requires a major
      shift in the very foundation of civilization as we know it.

      (this may be copied and released for anyone's free use providing the
      whole post including this statement remains intact)

      tim/zuz c/C21-/01-06-05 (tim lang) British Columbia, Canada
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