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RE: [existlist] ...another SWIPE--Science/God? /:-) / )-:\

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  • Bob Keyes
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      Subject: [existlist] ...another SWIPE--Science/God? /:-) / )-:\

      Hello George;
      I really like reading / comprehending your fine and honest Writings.


      Hello Nolan;
      I really like reading / comprehending your fine and honest Writings.

      I don't quite know if either of you are as stated: "... looking for a
      fight." I enjoy both of your 'Works'--and would truly like to 'see/hear'
      both/each of you work at RESPONDING & not REACTING to each other or the
      rest of us.
      Even if you both ignore my pleadings, it will be "interesting", still
      'listening' to what you have to 'say.'

      I really does seem we have bits n' pieces of true genius peppered here
      & there among the knooks and Krannies of this GreatGroup; and like most
      Stratospheric Intellectual gatherings, we sometimes tend not to choose to
      {"hear" others among ourSelves calmly and rationally. We each feel we are
      [always] "speak(ing)" calmly and rationally from our own Souls and

      Bob...True, but who else to judge. I say speak freely let us be the judge. I
      find their dialogue fine and with meaning. Perhaps this was not the meaning
      your bias was looking for.

      ----May I say, speaking of course from the non-Religious side of an
      argument, that no person need NECESSARILY be Religious to tend the sick and
      feed the
      poor. The Martin, and The Teresa and The Ghandi can have been S I M P
      Y Social and Intellectual Beings while do(ing) 'nice' and logical and
      things FOR their fellow Beings. Religion is not the only manner in which
      one can bring peace, aid and comfort to others!

      Bob.. Duh....

      I am not in the least bit Religious; yet I have always looked out for
      others' welfare before mine, in my family commitment and outside it--often
      to my
      own detriment. I do it, not out of a sense of GodISM nor Guilt--but
      because it
      is often Needed. AND I often give Directly to an individual in need--not
      huge Organizations. (How come we MUST revisit "Charity" scandals every so
      often? Hummm.)

      Bob. You give because it brings you pleasure (biological)

      Yes, I am a Nihilistic, UnReligious person--(and am actively and lovingly
      and intellectually) becoming moreso daily. But I am as 'Good' as any who
      on church pews, or preach in deepest darkest India.
      ~ . ~ .~. ~ .~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~

      A very intelligent ExistList Member stated:
      "You don't have a monopoly on understanding."
      No. None of us do. But we need to slow down and realize we all
      the wit and accomplishment of those who came before us. Can we
      All-Just-Get-Along and "Exchange" Understanding(s) without rancor or
      temper? Let us
      learn to smile through our wonderful wordy paragraphs; let us feel our
      Member's honest 'effort(s)' to communicate their Brand or Fashion or Style
      Open-mindedness to the rest of us, at any given moment. Is it not all
      Communication and Understanding?

      Bob. I thought that was what they were doing. Because you have some warped
      sense of "you cant say things like that is rude" well forget it. What
      transpired was human communication, and for you to try to warp it into what
      you think it should be I find reprehensible.

      I remain open to WhatEver any/every one has to say. It is neither here nor
      there if One is 'Right' or 'Wrong'. I do reserve the consistent ExistRight
      to note our listless extremes and to challenge any I might observe--in a
      measured manner, of course.

      Bob... And of course you would like to have a hand in what in , shall we
      say, what is RIGHT and WRONG.

      This 'stuff' is all too Wonderful and the space to think and observe and
      care--here on this planet is all to Rare, for us to ARGUE. I prefer to
      ideas/ideals instead.

      Bob... You are trying to express the very way in which Ideas are expressed.
      Because you have some cultural view on what is the right way to talk about
      such things. What arrogance.

      ps: btw...there is a lot of conversation about certain

      pps: In my modest understanding Religion is about: bending to the spirit
      and teachings of a higher power--outside the Individual. This notion seems
      antithetical to Existentialism in my modest Opinion. IT All Begins and
      with the Individual--and GodISMs are not in the least bit involved in
      ExistentialPhilosophy. ((with all this stilted *palaver...still i remain,
      'Open-minded'...)) /:-)

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