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I Am Responding Late...been 'away' for a number of days -- /:-||

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  • NEFILIM001@aol.com
    Dear hb3g...Thank you very much for your very explicit and layered contribution to this discussion. Yours is most definitely the kind of existing/evolving
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
      Dear hb3g...Thank you very much for your very explicit and layered
      contribution to this discussion. Yours is most definitely the kind of
      'existing/evolving' mind I would seek out in any forum.
      hb3g states/asks:
      "What is the hook into existentialism?"
      "When we say, "existence precedes essence," are we asserting a
      first principle? Is this something like an axiom? Is this like the
      divination that Descartes is accused of doing?"
      "What are the underlying presuppositions of existential
      philosophy? But perhaps it would be more constructive to frame the question
      in this non-axiomatic way: What are the things that existential philosophy,
      as a thinking culture in philosophy, believes that it has discovered?"
      "The human essence is not eternal, but it is transcendental."

      ... ... ...

      Firstly, I am and remain open to yours and any/all other member's
      questions--and have my own, of course. Secondly, I like your firm attempt at
      contributing powerful 'understandings' which each open-minded 'inquirer' can
      identify with.
      There is/are definition(s) which can and do apply rather
      significantly to the general term, Existentialism. My Understanding(s) though rarely
      framed simply, are intended to remain couched within the framework of the
      complicated society in which we so fare--still so ably [Exist]. I do
      occasionally, in my own modest manner; allow mySELF to extend and embellish the borders
      of this thought-evoking philosophy. One which has been (muchly owned/shared
      by so many and varied, professional and amateur Philosophers over the past
      dozen or so decades.) I MYself continue to develop and change as I read and
      listen and then gingerly construct as it were, my own 'fringes' which might in
      some manner attach to the basic tenet of so thoughtful a philosophy. Many
      open-minded and thoughtful persons remain very hard at work carrying on the
      wonderful task of learning more and more of what it takes to make up the vast
      world of [universal] Being & Nothingness.
      I am here because after (many) attempts at getting individuals and
      other group members to [just-talk] in some (serious) vein about
      Existentialism, I have come to realize that at this particular Site we have an expanding
      and contracting blend of ThinkingPersons who keep-hope-alive that the
      imaginings and uttering(s) and opining(s) will continue [to exist (at least)] a while
      longer. {{And this I happily rush to add, without, that sometimes "room"
      atmosphere 'open' forums often provide.}}

      Your wide-ranging and compact understanding of the
      Art/Science/Philosophy...mad whatever! of Existentialism, is doubtlessly very intelligent and

      I sincerely thank you for Being you, [and thus connecting with us] -- for
      whichever while.

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