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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Hell Bill, Men who live have a story, good or bad; it s the one s who don t that are scary, the blank faced box livers. If you think about it long enough
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2005
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      Hell Bill,

      Men who live have a story, good or bad; it's the one's who don't that
      are scary, the blank faced box livers. If you think about it long
      enough you'll realize that you never met a man meaner than you or
      kinder than you. I think the same thing about myself. Live hard
      enough, long enough, you see it. There is no equalization for men who
      live, just living. Mary Jo talks about "bad science" - it wasn't bad
      science that got us here, just that inability to accept that there is
      no equalization of the parts of a man into some formula of conformity
      for the good of all. She is right though in suggesting that bad
      science has now become the thing that will end us. There are no ethics
      for the life of a man, but oddly there are for other little things,
      like gravity. Failing to see that has brought us here, waiting for
      confusion, waiting for amnesia, waiting for endings. If it was
      intelligent design we'd be on cruise control. It ain't. I will be a
      player in the crap storm. Right now, I don't think it will matter.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...> wrote:
      > Trinidad, This is a thing that happened to me on highway 61. So put
      > some bleachers out in the sun and hear of the pervert who tried me .
      > Someone actually named him as the most twisted person they could think
      > of. He had excellent diction and was most well traveled. I was
      > hitchicking back to college. No car, no bus ticket, just thumb it son.
      > I do not know all this fellow was thought responsible for but he
      > had tastes much like Roman era Patrician. The orgies are still
      > spoken of in some circles. The pink elephant was a favorite hang out,
      > with a river bar and motel. Great place to drink some scotch with some
      > guys that can pay for it. The French river men had a whore friendly
      > port system. Boy whores, girl whores and pirates all floated the river
      > by that highway.
      > So, I`m going down to the tributary lake and ride the Red Slut .
      > Plan to hit the Halfway Inn and buy some Tshirts from Big Dick. The
      > monseignor would have loved the place, cultural linkage I suppose. I
      > would sit and let that gifted twisty tie buy me drinks till he fell
      > off his stool. We all have our strange hopes. Bill
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