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Re: BouncingBack--"difference: LikeNight&Day... ," /:-)

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  • nolanhatley
    Frank, I ve admired your insights and thoughts, and can surely you speak the truth of your Subjective experience. The key word in that last, probabbly
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      I've admired your insights and thoughts, and can surely you speak
      the truth of your Subjective experience. The key word in that last,
      probabbly obnoxious post, was differentiation. Their may not be
      much of a relationship between the official denominations
      and "existentiaslism" per se, but there is definitely a relationhsip
      between the individuial questers of existentialism
      and "Christianity" (and by that, I mean the Western historical
      movement often at odds with Jesus' life, which I still believe is
      the Truth). Still, no command has yet been given for another
      reformation. I finished the book recently, and am enviogred for
      more study and research. Frank, you seem to be a gentle Nietzche,
      and seemingly stronger for it. Thank you.

      Grace and Peace,


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, NEFILIM001@a... wrote:
      > Dear Nolan;
      > You state:
      > "...important link in the differentiation
      between 'Christianity'
      > and 'Existentialism'. "
      > <||>
      > You further share:
      > "...those seeing an 'avant-garde' aspect
      > of 'orthodoxy,' especially for those who think they have
      > Christianity [[so figured out]] in their phenomenological
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > You have a fantastically wonderful range of ThoughtProcesses,
      > Perception, Knowledge and Understanding...but--{were we to have
      > communicating within a ChristianSITE instead of a PhiloSITE,}
      there is KnowWay(!)
      > Believers-In-A-(traditional)GodHead would accept any kind
      of 'link' between
      > Christianity and Existentialism. I expect most religious persons-
      -in any way
      > knowledgeable about Existentialism would run screaming from the
      very thought!
      > ReReading (most) definitions of this my favorite philosophy/way-
      > I think we both might know this to be Truth.
      > To be honest about it, I expect I'd likely be physically
      kicked out
      > of any (especially Southern Baptist) Fundamentalist community!
      > In my humble opinion, Existentialism and Christianity, or
      > RELIGIONs of sorts) -- are 180 degree polar-opposites of each
      other. {{I
      > expect that within the (admittedly sometimes wide) definition of
      > is the understanding that We Believe In Our Individual SELVEs,
      and choose to
      > Take Full Responsibility for Everything we do--not at all leaving
      > "salvation" in the hands of a relatively UnForgiving bearded
      > characature[sp/?], wearing a long white robe and golden slippers;
      carrying a long
      > 'stick'--and dwelling just atop the most delicate of fluffy white
      > The facts of the matter(s) and Understanding(s) between
      > [philosophy]--begging your pardon regarding the question of a
      better term
      > herein--are a WormHole apart!
      > Like most of us I feel sure, who reside within this
      > sphere, I attended Protestant Bible camp/Missionary school
      [others among you, your
      > own Other kinds/styles of Religious Training] for about 7
      straight years,
      > and we were required to read, understand the various Books; and
      memorize the
      > "Great Book" from Genesis to Revelations!!!! Looking back on it,
      in today's
      > 'protective environment' the practice might well be regarded as
      child labor of
      > a sort...Ha. Among other kinds of intimidation and cheerful
      inducement, the
      > Elder's method(s) of prosletyzment(sp) was to give us at first
      just little
      > gifts and trophies, and then bigger and more arts n' crafts
      & 'interesting'
      > things to do.
      > Their top-of-the-line gift was [free, all expenses paid]--
      two weeks
      > to Bible Camp. That was the 'Biggie'! We of course thought it
      was all in
      > fun, and further we were really just pleasing our folks. Looking
      back on it,
      > I'm sure I would have done the very same thing each year to
      secure my Boy
      > Scouts camp fees: [all expenses included]!)
      > Young folks, (and surely you know that's when they GET us) will do
      > is "interesting" and grips our attention-in-the-moment. Some
      kids were
      > threatened with a 'whipping' were we not in obeisance of older
      > Rules...back-in-the-day!
      > In my humble opinion MOST Human Beings on the planet
      still remain
      > within some trained/taught Faith! There is a scairy/frightening
      Fear were we
      > to even think of abandoning our "Secured Place Where Our Names
      Have Been
      > Inscribed Within That Great Book Way Up There."
      > Only a VERY few of us [[my honest calculation--knowing
      how we must
      > Fear (the possibility/probability of) HellFire & Damnation]],
      will actually
      > question the Security of a Warm and Lovely Religion which our
      > Elders has passed-on to us. We are/were too young to Choose for
      ourselves at the
      > time we were 'Hooked-On-Religion'... . Who among us is seriously
      > enough to [Philosophyze(sp) our Selves) OUT of ANY particular
      Religious Stream?
      > Regardless our big brave statement to the contrary, The
      > DeathBed-Daze is the final Test: "Now I lay me down to sleep...If
      I should die before I
      > awake... . Most of us can fill in the blanks--again, quite like
      a modern
      > Nursery Rhyme brain-mended from Early childhood!
      > My "religious-out" was opportune when I chose to leave
      home so soon
      > after graduation; (I honestly consider myself *lucky.) Working
      on Wall
      > Street early on, I put myself through NYU. The Open-mindedness
      college studies
      > and especially Zen broke, (still over a number of years,) the
      strong bond of
      > processed Religion. I slowly LEARNED to stand OutSide my Self;
      my Community;
      > their Religion and TheirRules--and actually SEE what I
      was "given", from a
      > much wider perspective.
      > Once again I have 'opined' far too long;
      > Sincerely,
      > Frank
      > ps: To this day, though I do tend to speak perhaps too
      energetically to
      > others at times, about a (fresh) kind of Objective View of the
      > all that [view] Presupposes--I like to think I work hard at
      (merely sharing,
      > though-[expectantly]-not-preaching) my own Differing Views.
      > pps: Existentialism -- For A Month Of Sundays! :::smiling::: \;-)
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