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  • Bob Keyes
    I Scanned it and Know I will have a comment. Thank you in advance for the conversation. Bob... ... From: existlist@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
      I Scanned it and Know I will have a comment. Thank you in advance for the
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      Subject: [existlist] rik...OnBehalfOfKnott--Dressing/Windows

      Hi Bob;

      I read you no longer want to speak on this topic:

      > 2. I don't believe in Multiple Universe,
      > Nor do I really care if there are
      > any, just stating that that question is hardly Closed.

      You need to look at the way you worded that...sounded like you were a
      proponent of such. Perhaps just my interpretation.

      > 3. The Universe (as we know it so far)
      > Functions on Math Laws.

      May I only approach the subject -- this once... .

      I just want to state I love the whole 'exercise' of wondering and thinking
      about Universal Matters. When I was younger I was fascinated by all the
      hoopla re TheBigBang; BlackHoles and how SolarSystems were formed.

      I understand the controversy between advocates of
      on EvolvingEntities & ReligiousBeliefs of CreationTheories.
      As a child I was taught about Creation / and must admit--I went
      along with it, but somehow even as a wee lad kept my options open. I
      through the motions where prayer and such are concerned, but always knew
      I wasn't
      entirely convinced about the notion of Heaven/Hell (good/bad-were
      rather than religious mores)--God&TheHolySprit&Jesus... .
      At some point as soon as I was able to think thoroughly about
      things on my own -- and feel free to speak about them to both religious
      none religious persons I began to exchange ideas quite seriously with
      I searched as energetically at the Scientific side of these questions
      the Idea of Being as I had earlier, the Religious ones.

      I read all I could find, and listened to everything and everybody. I
      all the "Discovery" type programs and went about thinking often about
      diverse premises.

      We of course constantly change and 'improve' our Scientific ideas and
      positions regarding these matters. What I once believed, I might have
      dropped all
      or part of; and added, subtracted or substituted a few notions on the

      More particularly on the subject of MultipleUniverses, I have come to
      understand there must [logically] be more than one 'world / within /
      out-there. At first I didn't know quite how I would 'graph' an
      illustration of my
      thoughts and conjectures; but over time I determined I might try
      the subject rather as R. Buckminster Fuller does.

      [Bob Keyes] Cant argue one bit with your way of looking at it.

      [[SomeThing/SomeSpace must have contained the 'kernel' of
      OriginalEssence-which-"was" the start of TheBigBang!
      ~~If TBB was "effected" within Space/Time.
      ~~If this same TBB actually 'effected' the 'start' of {our
      some 12 to 15-billion years or so.
      ~~This TBB must have been not so unlike a 'seed' within the
      containment 'shell' of larger SPaCE.
      ++Is the 'shell' containing the 'kernel' of TBB, ItSelf
      turn contained by a 'shell' encasing it--then another containing that
      one...and so on?

      Bucky was intigued by the theory of 'triangular-based' figures in space
      which he called TetraHedrons.
      **I wonder if THE: premier SuperUNIVERSE of Universes is an
      'hanging' Sphere--containing all the other UniverseS ever?!
      **If so (...then, what would contain that Premier SUPER-UNIVERSE
      Universes--that alpha / omega form, which begat it all?)

      In my Understanding, these TetrahedronicUniversalWedges can likely be
      in an EssentialSpere not unlike the sections of an Orange.
      ``[[When a Universal "seed" goes 'pop'(explosion) -- perhaps it
      filling a 'section' of that Orange...when it goes 'bust'(implosion) --
      it is collapsing and thus creating an empty section of that

      ``But this is not to imply there is only one GreatOrange hanging
      the...[" ______"](Realm?)! And what would that 'G O' be contained
      And That One; ThenThatOne, And So On; and... .

      Still I will declare humbly and clearly, I do not believe in any GOD
      figure--of any kind, at all.
      ==Whatever the "final-circumstances", I am willing to take my
      chances with whatever is waiting on the 'OtherSide'--whatever the
      situation when we

      {{deep down within myself i expect we merely pass-on/pass-back-down to
      OurLeastCommonDenominator...Molecules, Atoms...SubAtomicParticles--and so
      on, not
      so unlike breaking a giant boulder; then smashing it into smaller and
      pieces, until like fine dust tossed into the air--it 'disappears'...back

      [Bob Keyes] I realize I am a near ape-like brain Human. And I cannot
      conceive something like nothingness so I don't try. I happen to chose
      Infinity(LOL)... Regardless, things come to an end for all practical
      purposes for us.... Once we are in a dense hot Mass of quarks does it really
      Matter what happens to time or any issues at that Point ? I

      Bob... Comments ?

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