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RE: [existlist] To make his life into a contrivance

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  • Bob Keyes
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      Subject: [existlist] To make his life into a contrivance

      Trini, I do not think of morality about this, it is probably a
      survival meme . It is not on the order of a natural law but learned
      behavour of a historical time.

      Bob Keyes] I happen to agree 100 percent with this. And for those of you
      that don't know what a meme is
      http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/MEMES.html Paste this and Read...

      This is not playing the fool but trying
      to turn the present.At this gate awaites politics and I think it more
      enjoyable to avoid that life sentance.

      Bob Keyes] For Sure !!

      It is all contrived by
      yourself or others and you know how to give them the shorter stick and
      still make them love you.

      [Bob Keyes] Yes, but do they realize they are doing it... I think the
      leaders do, but who knows they could be crazy and actually believe it !!
      The lemmings don't much think about it. Just give in the bowl once a week.

      Since I have attended myself as one of the
      others,but one of the non lovers, and non belivers, one of the lost
      who has personally resolved his situation. I know you have struggled
      to come to this place and tell you they have noticed as have I . Bill

      [Bob Keyes] To deep for me at the moment...

      Please support the Existential Primer... dedicated to explaining nothing!

      Home Page: http://www.tameri.com/csw/exist


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