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    Hello Siobhan; You quote Vickery on an early Faulkner criticism: ...Reason and imagination can prove an integrative force, identifying the interests of the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
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      Hello Siobhan;

      You quote Vickery on an early Faulkner criticism:

      "...Reason and imagination can prove an integrative force, identifying
      the interests of the individual with those of the community and
      establishing a link between the private and public worlds. They can
      also be destructive insofar as they enable man to invent infinitely
      various excuses which permit him to live while ignoring life itself.
      Rationally conceived categories and myths may render morality simpler
      and clearer by providing formulas of universal applicability, but in
      the process they destroy those essential motives for morality which
      must be found by the individual in life itself... ."

      Wow, heavy stuff. I enjoy following your trends of thought. [And I will
      even come forward and admit that in my (role as TheUrbanHermit--even in a busy
      city like Manhattan, NYC); I do sometimes, "live while ignoring life itself,"
      too.] But I tend not to hitch rides on Myths...preferring instead to seek
      the fundamental Factual Basis behind the ole Myth-meister instead.
      re Myths, Take the "stories" of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs of
      MesoAmerica. Who among us really believe these 'budding' [aborigine type]
      peoples really/actually planned, constructed and maintained those HUNDREDs(!!!!)
      of 'perfectly' constructed Temples and Pyramids alone. In an often too
      Dry/sometimes too Wet--intermittently Foodless forest or plain.
      These constantly challenged Tribespeople residing in a wide slice of
      territory, north of Columbia and south of Mexico's Rio Grande, barely had
      slippers and bodywraps to wear, and had to work very hard just to maintain a
      rudimentary variety of foodstuffs. Not to mention they simultaneously
      maintained trade between/among their [often 'warring'] neighbors!
      ... And naive historians want to convince us they had the time and
      energy to build *Hundred[s] of temples and pyramids in this strangely
      weathered, and oddly terraced area?! (We know there are still MORE of these genius(ly)
      designed and built pyramids--still to be discovered.)
      [Historical fact: The Olmecs are the first/original Peoples of the
      whole Southern hemisphere of Western 'Indian' nations--and archaeologists
      still do not know exactly or how they got here. They did not come down across
      the Bering Straits like the 'Continental Indians' did.] We now know, since
      their own localized 'hieroglyphics' have finally been translated--that they
      wrote: the Temples and Pyramids of MesoAmerica were already standing in place
      when they "arrived."
      I don't suppose any amount of finagling can help me ease this
      relatively way-out topic into an intellectual-sandwich of Existentialist Technology
      and Individual god-less Ritual; but I often wonder when our bustling society
      of research scientists will finally admit that the mud-slippered /
      patchwork societies of Egypt, MesoPotamia, Great Britain and MesoAmerica--among other
      'incredibly Megalithic' locations around the Planet, could not possibly have
      been constructed by the 'locals' alone.
      Just think of the volume of accurate mathematics alone, needed for
      such project(s); and also the designing, hauling of heavy materials from
      across (impossible) marshlands--and then lifting the heavy stones precisely into
      place... com'mon[!]; we can barely accomplish such a feat with our mammoth
      modern equipment!!!!
      I have been criticized on this *List for dwelling on this/these
      kind(s) of topic(s); but is it not rather interesting to consider 'the
      impossibility' of such a scattering of massive building projects? [[Consider the
      mighty ant, bent on building a three-foot high, eleven square foot colony in a
      common track... . But would these accomplished 'animals' be even nearly
      on-track (in their present guise), to build [a] kind of 'Hermitage' weighted
      Now of course its obvious we, the powerful, technologically minded
      peoples from [wherever land], have the 'where-with-all' to come down to their
      particular area of the plains; bend over their respectable mound, haul in
      sizable stones, hand-sized panes of glass, and bits and pieces of pottery shards
      and perhaps a bit of tin...but it most surely will take our own
      higher-intervention to Create The 'Impossible' for their fair Colony!!!!

      ps: OK, Ok, so I ran out of traditional ExistList stuff to bring to the
      table--but I welcome anyone else bringing something (other) to this learned
      platform, on occasion too.

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