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..con't--Enki, Enlil and the worshipful Hominids

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    -more- Enki, the older but lessor brother, so far as title was concerned, went back into the lab and fashioned a second phase Lulu into an Hominid with
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      Enki, the older but 'lessor' brother, so far as title was concerned, went
      back into the lab and 'fashioned' a second phase Lulu into an Hominid with more
      'developed' skills. The Sumerian Anunnaki enslaved these Adapa in the ways
      of Building, serving and planting/caretaking in a nearby Province which was
      called in the ancient clay tablets: Ed[i]n...(you can look it up). This
      'garden' location [has been rediscovered as noted in "SCIENCE" and other mags.
      This is historical/archaeological information.
      ...Still getting to the 'worship' bit... these Hominids later around
      200,000BC went through a third similar "development" and became even more
      'engineered' so to speak. At some point the Anunnaki overseers, having only a
      few females of their own 'Tribe' among themselves to choose from began claim
      certain (2ndPhase Adapa) from the working group, and treated these
      evolving-Beings as 'wifes'. As the Anunnaki settled-in and roamed about the planet
      less--"family" situations changed. The offspring of the Greater Beings with
      protoHominids became somewhat more-like Greater Beings, creating a wider 'mix'
      between themselves and all the other Hominid classes of Beings. The
      neoGrouping became known as Nefilim: "They Who Came Down", is the loose translation.
      Over another lenghty period of time, the population of the region
      became explosively large (as neoNefilim families intermarried and produced more
      of the same. They were watchful and knew though, they would never be the
      same as the Anunnaki. That powerfully separate Ruling Class which held all the
      technology. The only bright spot was, they were far better off than the
      slave-labour class of Hominids from the Adama, Adapa and Adapa2 group; who in
      turn were at least better fed than the 'wild' Hominids who roamed the
      perimeter(s) of the Anunnaki's many scattered settlements.
      Now to the Religious part of the OldenText. The Anunnaki kept
      themselves consistently apart and 'above' even the very well-adjusted
      Adapa/Nefilim/neoHumans who were fast becomming the Greater Mesopotamian 'middle-class',
      so to speak. Also it was noticed by the more quickwitted of the neoHumans
      that the Anunnaki's prime goal was gathering the [utilitarianary] gold bricks
      and leaving them alone more and more often. Now here we come to the
      'kicker': The groups of Greater and Lessor classes of Anunnaki who came and left
      always did so in swift 'boats' across the plain or great 'ships' across the far
      horizon. The S[H]umerian Scribes and Priests called the speeding objects
      "Chariots of Fire"; fantastic vehicles with their accompaning blasts of loud
      noise and choking clouds of smoke. But they could only stand and stare off into
      the horizon as the activity progressed for it was absolutely forbidden for
      the neoHumans to travel with the distinctly different species called Anunnaki.
      There were a few localized Beings who were given the privilege of
      extraordinary travel, such as Enoch, "Who Was Gone, For The Lord Hath Taken Him;" the
      thirteenth ruler of Kish...Etana, "The One Who To Heaven Ascended;" and the
      original Adapa Being. We recall Gilgamesh [an historic king in Mesopotamia]
      who at a latter time begged his mother (an actual 'god' married to his
      demi-god father) to speak to the Greater god of his particular Province, Shamash, to
      allow him to take one of, "the rare ascents of mortals to the Abode of the
      The declared separation between these two distinct classes of Beings
      of course caused the lessor one to become enamored of the Greater other.
      Around 100,000BC the grouping of 2ndPhase Adapa somehow became split into two
      separate species. One neoTribe of these Beings headed up beyond the Caucasus
      Mountains before retreating back into France and Germany; while the other
      spread throughout Greater Mesopotamia, before retreating Back Into Africa.
      The Group which settled in Germany and surrounding areas became known as
      Neandertal while the Group reemerging Out Of Africa were Cro magnon. [see:
      National Geographical and SCIENCE mags--many listed issues... .]
      It is understood that around 65,000BC more definatively changes
      within the [Humanoid] population took place, resulting in wiping out the whole
      Neandertal species. {Scientists have absolutely no doubt about it--there is no
      gene nor DNA sample that can be gleaned from contemporary Humans, which
      match that of Neandertal.} The Cro magnon initially settled in around the whole
      of Western Europe--until eventually spreading north toward the Arctic and east
      toward Asia; rather recently they even ventured west--following the herds;
      finally ensuring the complete domination of the world by what was only a few
      hundred thousand years prior--were mere Homo erectus postPrimate Beings.
      Anthropologists cannot account for this rapid "development" and subsequent
      spread. They calculate it should have taken a few million years more to
      accomplish this fantastic feat.
      The neoHumanoids who chose to remain in the Greater Mesopotamian
      area around c.3800BC, soon began to gradually lose at first sight; then most
      contact, with the Anunnaki. At some point, between 3800 and 2000BC they lost
      relatively 'all' contact with the various classes of Anunnaki. It must have
      been sorely distressing, being so used to calling on the Anunnaki for aide; and
      now when times were tough--often terrible...(!); the Masterful Beings were
      no where to be found. There came a time during this Era when they resorted to
      calling-on the Greater Beings they had previously 'known', through their
      Priests who performed rituals on the topmost rung of the ziggarats. Around
      3500 to perhaps 2000BC, the Chosen People fashioned small replicas of the
      [[gods]] in order to call upon them. {Note: the Greater Mesopotamians NEVER
      referred to the Anunnaki as CAPITAL "G"ods!} They did not think of these Greater
      Beings, as Gods or Religious Icons; but only Higher Beings who could whizz
      (quickly) across the plains or jett deep into the sky when they chose to. I
      calculate it was around 2000BC that this neoWorship(ism) began.
      Note Abraham, (the father of New Monotheistic-Religion was born in
      2123BC and died in 2023, at the age of 100--[see the researched TimeChart in
      the back of the Sitchin book: "The Wars of Gods and Men".] At some point
      Abraham determined he should leave his birthplace in Mesopotamia, where his
      father was a grand Priest, and journey to the west around the Fertile Cresent to
      Egypt. It was from here that he began spreading the word that (unlike
      Mesopotamia where each province had its singular god, but Greater Meopotamia
      acknowedged all the Lessor and Greater gods of the area, now 'beginning' here west
      of the Arabian desert--One and Only One God Was Now To Be Worshipped!
      Between c.2500 and dating back to 250,000BC each separate Province
      had its own Greater Anunnaki Overseer--or provincial 'god'. Every generation
      of 'evolving' neoHominids watched these powerful Persons come and go in the
      conventional manner of the day: fast 'surface' vehicles, super 'sea' craft,
      and magnificent 'air' ships; up until the time of Abraham. From which time
      onward, the recognition of a pluralistic understanding of "gods" became
      concentrated in an effort to herd the ChosenPeople into one spiritual 'tent' as it
      At this point in our historical past an Appreciation of Powerful
      Mortals and their Wonderous Deeds; was over-time replaced by the idea of an
      [[Absentee God]] 'on High'...as a famous Radio guy used to say: and now--we know
      the rest-of-the-story.

      Please take this long series of paragraphs only as one man's 'opinion'. No
      more True, yet no less than any other researched thesis which has been
      forwarded with the backing of learned folk. But do realize the orgins of
      Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Hitttite peoples, places and
      beliefs--long preDate that of the NearEastern Bible which has only recently been
      hacked-into and 'summarized' into what is contemporarily know as the King James
      version. The mighty Mesopotamians repeatedly captured the Judeans and held them
      captive [withing the walls of Babylon--for Decades]. All the exciting
      information of the ages was available in both Text form as well as spoken in the
      temples and the streets. It is well known the Judeans were forbidden to write
      any of their own oral history down--and also that when they were eventually
      released to return to their western cities, they took with them a powerful
      AdMixture of stories, culture and religion -- not all their own! What they--and
      every other culture did with this early Ancient Information in the following
      millennia(s) is up to each of us to discern for ourselves.

      Sorry to go on so...I will now climb way-back-down off my EarthernChronicled
      crockpot(ed), (but none-the-less 'serious') SoapBox and go out for some
      dessert--return and watch some 'dumb' Television or such for the balance of the
      evening. Ha.
      ps: I am far too exhausted to edit this Stuff--so just have at it as you
      might; if you have any energy left after plowing through it all. Again I
      apoligize for going on so long with my ( m e r e) ideas. Good Night All.
      /:-)... .

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