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I Stayed At The Fair Too Long...sorry /:-((...lenghty fare from Nefilim001

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Trinidad; You State: On Sat. April 30th 2005... . ...Finally, I do
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      Hi Trinidad;
      You State: On Sat. April 30th 2005... .

      "...Finally, I do not think that religious thought is natural to the
      species and our empirical paradigm. People get lost in the crap
      because it is pervasive (although I suspect a more correct word would
      be invasive). I think it is an introduced error in thinking.I cannot
      say what or who introduced it... ,"

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Thanks for responding. And to all the ExistList Group, it seems the Being
      of God was once one of the most openly discussed questions Objective Thinking
      Philosophers asked themselves in the 19th & 20th Centuries. There has been
      hardly a peep, comparitively speaking, out of Archaeologists and
      Anthropologists in this regard, in this the 'newly' emerging 21st Century though! It is a
      shame too, because there is so very much more information available to
      us--now that all the Ancient codexes from around the Planet have finally been

      Don'cha just know that a group of Archaeologists representing about 5
      differing countries asked themselves this very same question as they began
      deciphering, translating and interpreting the first batch of -hundreds of thousands-
      of Cunieform Tablets following their digs, which were begun c. AD1840s.
      [Which by the way the very first records of Writing by the very first Civilized
      Society on he face of the Planet.
      I admit I do not know much about most of what we often discuss here,
      but I do so love to read Ancient Historical Texts; especially regarding the
      question: 'Original Religious Thought and Worship.' I meet with a group of
      Archaeological Enthusiasts once a month in an EastSide Flat in Manhattan, (not
      far from one of Mr. Trump's glass n' steel Monstrosities!) The host's
      living room could easily be mistaken for one of the Metropolitian's Orientalists
      wings...I am often nervous one of her miniatures might (turn-up) 'missing'
      after we the guests leave! AND she is a Great Cook. If you have not
      overextended your OnLine Curiosity Factors--please join us at a SITE not so unlike
      this one in terms of intelligent exchange, which promises a vigorous and
      wonderful wet trail of 'knowledge-such-as-this' at: _nibiru-orgins@..._

      I am generally not a "Joiner"; ExistList and the one listed above
      are the only two which interest me. Most "Rooms" quickly deterioate into
      ScreamFests, as you know. By the time I have exchanged views and INFO from
      Nibiru...@, and Exist...@, I am quite satiated, by comparison!!!! Both Groups
      meld lively participation with excellent knowledge of facts to back up their

      Now: to share just a nugget of Original Religion with you--{{please note, of
      course, we all can and have agreed to disagree with pockets of informational
      exchanges -- re Nibiru...@ -- Just as some others might visit Exist...@ and
      slink away confused or dissatisfied. But it is the INFORMATION (agreed
      with/or not) which keeps me returning to both SITES.
      According to the tons of clay plates collected, it was The First
      Civilization, c. 7500BC which began logging this mixed Ancient record of
      OldenText!!!! [Or so it is TimeLin(ed) in National Geographic.] The collection is
      broken-up of course and housed in appx. 7 to 10 Museums around the world.
      The four major ones are located in Phila.; Chicago; London and
      Baghdad(unfortunately[!!!!])...You will have read that loads of artifacts where destroyed
      during the Bush H-War and again During the Bush W-War! Also a 'Sin'fully
      amount of priceless Works have been carried off and sold to 'outsiders' recently
      by destitute Iraq citizens recently!

      But the good news is a list of archaeologists, as long as your outstretched
      arms began translating these Cunieform (clay) tablets some decades ago, and
      have completed all which are available! There is still only a handfull of
      scientists in the world who can read these series of OldenText.

      A Hero to me, is a Gentleman named Zecharia Sitchin. _www.sitchin.com_
      (http://www.sitchin.com/) This genius has written close to a dozen books since
      1976; the first 5 or so pre-titled: "The Earth Chronicles". Mr. Sitchin
      conducts seminars all around the country, and I have been lucky to have been
      attendance at two of them. [[Interesting enough he lives on the UpperWestSide of
      Manhattan in NYC--only about 5-blocks from me! A dozen of us have formed a
      SitchinGroup over the years--and even taken him and his wife to
      dinner...which turned into one of the best Evenings any reader of non-Fiction can have
      ever experienced.
      Three of Z.S.'s most memorable books [all non-fiction--which read as
      easily as fiction, is: "The 12th Planet", (written in 1976); Book III of
      The Earth Chronicles, "The Wars of Gods and Men"--and also a serious
      compilation of Info and Ideas about the protoHistory of the NIBIRUANS, into a volume he
      titled: "The Lost Book of Enki".

      If anyone is interested please check out both the nibiru-orgins 'exchange',
      and the Sitchin SITE.
      You can exchange Ancient Olden History thoughts on the nibiru site,
      while you maintain your thoughts on Individual Existence on Exist...and do
      not be so surprised wee they to coincide on occasion.... /:-)

      Back to the original idea of how and/or why Religion took hold -- at the
      time, on this planet.
      In a 'thimble-or-nutshell': When Homo erectus finally came down out
      of the treetops, ventured through the tall reeds; across the dangerous
      plain--then up and into Greater Mesopotamia they encountered, [around 445,000BC] a
      'Tribe' of individuals who called themselves Nibiruans. Later they were
      known as Anunnakis; and then later Nefilim. These Anunnaki came to the area
      seeking a muchly needed 'industrial' product, and found gold to be very efficient
      for their use. Luckily they discovered deep mines of the stuff in
      SouthEastern Africa. They worked the mines for forty (of their years) before hitting
      upon the idea that Hominids roaming about outside their securely gated
      perimeter might potentially be trained--or cloned to do the tiresome and dirty
      work for them. It took a while to get it just right, but around 300,000BC they
      accomplished the feat of utilizing a selective number of protoHominids for
      this task.
      Enki, the scientist whose task this was, called these strong but
      dimwitted LuLus: Adama. Around 250,000BC the younger--but more 'senior' brother
      of the ruling family here and at Nibiru, spirited a number of Adama up to
      his Provincial sector; an area we still know to this day as Sumer--located in
      the Southernmost delta of contemporary Iraq. The Enlil faction set about
      trying to teach these former 'drag-bag/dump-bag' LuLus how to plant crops, build
      residences and serve the ruling clan; but the Hominids were not yet 'smart'
      enough to handle the diverse chores.


      -more to come-

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