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Re: Heaven n' Hell...and Then, ThatUltimate AdventureOfAThird-Kind.

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  • nolanhatley
    Frank, Most definitely. You have my email. Keep me posted on your progress. You will probabbly read it in one sitting doubt. I admit I will be slow at
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2005
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      Most definitely. You have my email. Keep me posted on your
      progress. You will probabbly read it in one sitting doubt. I admit
      I will be slow at first for I am coming at the end of my finals.

      Grace and Peace,


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, NEFILIM001@a... wrote:
      > Trinidad you ROCK!!!! [:-)
      > What a sweeping mini-thesis on the essentials of
      > mannerisms taken out of the hand of an innocent deck of cards.
      (I enjoy
      > playing "Texas Hold'em" [free] OnLine.) One must be able to
      Show'em (lay them on
      > the table) occasionally. You must either have {TheStuff}--or
      sweat-out the
      > Dealer turning over the next five cards...Ha! Heavy stuff.
      > And Nolan--I respect your great analysis on what you believe re
      the revered
      > Book of Job. Though I believe we Hominids concoct our own
      [BlackHole (my
      > words)] of Superstition. I vow to reread The (entire) Book Of
      Job, if you will
      > agree to read/reread The (entire) Book of Ezekiel. Neither is
      > long--and might do each of us a world of good, somehow.
      > Whereas Job takes us back down through his deepest
      leagues of
      > Suffering and Loss...It is Ezekiel who takes us up into a
      hovering experience of
      > Blastoffs, Smoke, Sound and Wheels-Within-Wheels. We are
      introduced to a
      > Quartet of Beings, all wearing 'atomic' backpacks and sporting
      various Shields
      > and Icons. Originating at the mouth of a meager river just
      outside Babylon,
      > the 'strangers' take him on a stratospheric journey. Across the
      Arabic Desert,
      > and eventually hovering above the city of Jerusalem!!
      > Ezekiel states very clearly he was visited by a quartet
      of Beings
      > who envelope him completely in the wonders of Science--and he
      abandons all fear
      > and trepidation; opting instead to go-along-for-the-ride. This
      > occurs during a time when the Israelites are captured and held in
      > There are no TinCans, known combustible engines--and the only
      known "vehicle"
      > is the Mesopotamian Chariot sporting stone and wooden wheels!
      > All this information is laid out [clearly] as a Biblical
      > (historical) account. What is it about our SundaySchool
      Teachings which causes us to
      > (choose to) 'miss' it--upon every reading? So did I miss it--
      every time, until
      > I SAW what I was looking at, HEARD what I was listening to; and
      Opened my
      > SELF to the Objective Realities of All Books of All Beliefs in
      All Cultures.
      > ((Ooops, I sound as if I were 'preaching/prosletyzing'...better
      pull back into
      > my old underassuming Self.)) Sorry. /:-||
      > I expect I might have confessed to you all early on, I
      was "trained" deeply
      > into the teachings of the Church. [And] believe me, (It is not
      so unlike how
      > we teach a german shepard to fetch, or heel--or even 'listen-and-
      > Specific games were played, certain songs were sung--all directed
      to arrest
      > and develop our young minds toward a particular aim. Each of us
      need hold-on
      > to, drop beliefs or just move-on as we see-fit.
      > I respect where one is: {in-the-Moment.} So long as they have
      > objectivity to (thoroughly/objectively) know the moment they find
      > in--at-that-moment! It is not at all difficult to
      find "revelation" inside Each game
      > / school / philosophy / religion. These 'Boxes' of Understanding
      > designed to be 'opened' when and how we need to. How we
      interpret what we find
      > inside is up to "where we are--(again) at the moment." Once
      having opened said
      > box(es) one must have the fortitude and courage to REALLY look
      > inside--directly at the 'ghost' sitting astride the point of the
      pin--within! Then admit to
      > ourselves in the quietness of TheMoment, what-it-is we ACTUALLY
      do see?!
      > Is it what we need as an Individual, or have we been sold a bill-
      of-goods? If
      > it is not what we need, how many of us have the wherewithal to
      strike out on
      > our own; over the next mound--toward "whatever" it is we NEED to
      > I will admit, I have less patience, (but full
      > with/for the otherwise logical/reasonable person who still holds
      on to the purely
      > Fundamental and Safe 'WAY'--just because {They Were Raised
      > I do understand: It is Cold and Alone and Fearsome out-here!!!!
      When one
      > has been trained/taught to believe in 'A Heaven'/Any Heaven--just
      > [disbelieving] stumble--and (the Belief In A Hell) is again
      somehow not so far very
      > away!
      > There are moments when I still experience wee bits of "fright".
      When I am
      > almost tempted to utter a little prayer...when I feel the
      need/desire to call
      > upon a [God] to help me get through a particularly trying moment-
      > But I resist--if even with trepidation; because deep down within
      the pit of my
      > Being--I know someONE made All That Up for my Learning, and
      Passed It
      > (fearfully/lovingly) along to me. I am not upset. They meant no
      harm--in fact they
      > meant the best for me. It is the very 'best' they knew at the
      > I cannot accept what is Given--without questioning the content of-
      > One still has to ask themselves: how far had they cast their own
      wide net
      > of objective-understaning?
      > Who can know? I might end up (in another's belief[s] of course),
      > along the rim of the deepest of the deep pits of Hell. Still
      will not
      > relent; although it is well known the DeathBed situation has
      always been the
      > ultimate end and the scariest scene to witness.
      > I choose to ask mySELF; will I 'change' at the very point
      of "Passing-On?"
      > Shall I call upon my thoroughly Taught-Beliefs at the LastMoment
      of my
      > 'life'? Is it nicer and SAFEer than going-on past, to the point
      of no-return? Will
      > I miss the picturesque expectation of those beautiful:
      > GoldenSlippers; DoveWhite-Wings, as others who died prior to me,
      sit with ease
      > throughout Eternity upon those high(est) banks of Clouds... .
      > As ever; TheUrbanHermit,
      > Frank
      > ps: 'BELIEF' in a God--is the sincerest investment in the
      security of That
      > Ultimate SafetyNet OnHigh! One has to be Very SURE of
      themselvesto defy the
      > majority of [Man]kind. It is not a [Place] I would 'work-at'
      > another--not even my own son. But I will gladly/lovingly lay-out
      the blueprint
      > of the Journey toward 'the etherial mound'; leaving them to find
      their own
      > way.
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