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      > Being confused is an attitude,a state of mind.The longer one is
      > dismissed from stantions of reasonable happenstance the more lost
      > and disoriented you may become.I liken it to the vertigo of great
      > places. You suddenly realise you are not seeing things
      > corectly,There may be excessive heat or perhaps blinding light[not
      > unusual when at 13,000Ft.].You may be nausous or feel out of
      > balance,[another 13,000Ft.no no.Then you encounter the incongruous
      > and need to recognise it and take action against the entire
      > syndrome.I notice that a bush I considered small and near is
      > actually a huge tree and is very far away.So I must readjust my
      > perception of size and stare at my feet until they make sense.
      > I check to see if I am safe in orientation, there should be a sky
      > and a horison.Then I ski a short distance and turn up hill. If all
      > that works I return to the bush/tree and decide what it is and how
      > far away it is. If I havn`t been violently ill by this time I am
      > probably in recovery phase. I ski right to that bush until I am
      > certain of what it is and how I relate to it.
      > Great art can act as a stantion when confused, I just returned
      > an impressionist show. You can see how the painter painted the
      > picture, but know it would take you years to put down a
      > of worth.But you understand that the artist painted trees and
      > and you see them in perspective and are not overwhelmed by how the
      > painter painted them.Your mind agrees to accept the perspectives,
      > you are on your way to recovery.
      > Many seem to reject the self help risk of looking up for
      > onesself.They morn for the pope but ignore their own minds.There
      > emotional release but no resolution of the question.Why am I
      > confused and what can I do about it.Bill
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