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Re: Power death

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  • louise
    [Bob Keyes] ... [Trinidad Cruz] ... the US Government? 3) Is it included in Domestic policy at some level? Oh well, if we re into Speculating, why not?? I
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 2, 2005
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      [Bob Keyes]
      > "I am convinced which camp you are in is imprinted in your genetics
      > from Birth, and there is nothing you can do about it... (Some
      > Speculation- but it seriously is my best explaination to date)"

      [Trinidad Cruz]
      > The real questions are: 1) Is a genetic predisposition to religion
      > divided along racial lines? 2) How aware of this possibility is
      the > US Government? 3) Is it included in Domestic policy at some

      Oh well, if we're into Speculating, why not?? I am convinced that
      religion is totally unconnected with genetics. All the DNA stuff
      makes no usable sense except in relation to environment. One's
      religion becomes noticeable in childhood, but only to the trained
      eye. Those with unhappy or traumatising or particularly dull
      childhoods may not want to recall that period of their lives,
      because the religious manifestations are unpleasing and in
      disguise. If the child hates easily, for instance, the form of
      religion that has the chance to develop subsequently for that
      individual will depend on the type of occasions for hate, whether
      personal, impersonal, planned, spontaneous, etc, and on the form
      which outbreaks take, verbal, physical, repressed, etc. A very
      rough sketch. Am in one of my protestant exasperation moods, seeing
      as I find Trini's characterisation of me as 'Iron Matron' so
      formlessly amusing. I need to know. Much remembering to reinstal
      and complete. More procrastination. Waiting now for the present to
      come into view. I guess schizophrenia is the most political social
      condition of all. It's my impression, anyway, that thought-crime
      evolves through many namings, and the namings will affect the
      individuals' chances of surviving the social persecutions or
      protections as prove destructive. Too much going on. Hoarse again,
      trying to communicate across an ocean. So I'd like to invite you
      all to the mythical island of our communal dreams. But then, that's
      me being religious. Looking back, I can see those tendencies
      emerging from the age of three years old, taking cognitive form by
      thirteen, and reaching out beyond my own cultural upbringing by age
      fifteen. In these solitary patterns we find our similarities. What
      is really humorous - not necessarily funny - is the way such as Bob
      and Trini suppose themselves to have no religion. I do learn,
      however, from both of you, though what exactly is difficult to
      convey, because difficult to integrate with what is already held, so
      intimately, it's not stored in language form.

      ... focussed, if somewhat incoherent ...
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