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RE: [existlist] decorticate ethics

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  • Bob Keyes
    Some Comments.. Bob... ... From: Siobhan [mailto:bravegnoobee@yahoo.com] Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 8:45 AM To: existlist@yahoogroups.com Subject:
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      Some Comments..
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      From: Siobhan [mailto:bravegnoobee@...]
      Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 8:45 AM
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      Subject: [existlist] decorticate ethics

      The Terri Schiavo situation has provoked ethical debate (well
      strangely not here at existlist), but the hitch is that legally only
      she or her husband had the right to decide if she wanted to continue
      (I hesitate to use the word "live") in a PVS or MCS state. For me it
      seems she was concerned enough about her appearance to be a serious
      dieter (bulimic), and wouldn't have wanted to be exposed to the world
      as some macabre medical-ethical sideshow. What's love? What's

      [Bob Keyes] Most Likely True

      Only science and possibly the law can determine what defines a life
      as opposed to a mere existence.

      [Bob Keyes] I think the real Point is what to do with Life, in its various
      Forms.. , these forms can be described and there is no reason that I can
      think that they should be treated in Identical Matters. The argument that
      they must can only made with Mystical Gibberish...

      It's probably better that way.

      [Bob Keyes] Even if it went the other way ( Mystical Gibberish
      wins-democracy) , Does it really matter to the Big Picture if Humans Play
      with Near Corpses, will it affect the stock market, no. Society is resilient
      ( 5 percent of the Human Population being Complete Deviants(societies
      definition)) . It is a temporary setback
      for the rational world. (just thinking worse case for a moment)

      If we
      have to rely on that vague measure called 'spirituality', others will
      err on the side of 'mercy' and support what they decide is 'life'.
      That is, until it costs too much money to support millions of
      unwanted babies and formerly human life forms. Perhaps all the faith
      based organizations can support them. Forget building new prisons,
      just build more orphanages and warehouses. I have personal opinions
      about these things based on experience, but it won't make any
      difference if someone else gets to decide for me.

      [Bob Keyes] Its Religion Stupid ! (that is a Joke of course) , Religion
      has the Answers, if you don't agree you
      are Wrong. And What sense does it Make for Them to Let you be wrong(and
      wreck society) ,And they would especially Never Let you decided such things
      as what to do with a brain dead woman.
      Some Political Speculation Now :
      This whole gross sideshow- (parading a 15 year veg on TV and Pretending
      like their is any hope for a meaningful Life-Like they have not given her a
      chance) is an Orchestrated Attack by the Religious Right, and the Liberal
      Media( I think smartly is giving them enough rope to hang themselves-betting
      on rationality)...

      Bob.... Comments ?



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