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Re: Das capital

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  • C. S. Wyatt
    ... Sadly, the bulk of the rhetoric experts are in Illinois, Indiana, and New York. I really don t have any intention of moving to NYC, but I am considering
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2005
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...> wrote:
      > CSW, I had no idea that such a group of throwbacks still suck air.
      > Marxists, damn, forgot how to deal with that breed. They were the
      > last group to seriously threaten my life but that was a long time
      > ago far north of here. It would make a hell of a book but I would
      > have to write it as fiction or hear more from a company I do not
      > wish to keep.

      Sadly, the bulk of the rhetoric "experts" are in Illinois, Indiana,
      and New York. I really don't have any intention of moving to NYC, but
      I am considering Purdue, Illinois, and Univ of Chicago. I think it is
      ironic that "Berlin" was a Marxist and is why Purdue is known in the

      > So that is where they went to hide, the California University
      > system. Is your gouvenor aware of the existance of communist cells
      > within the state?I cannot imagine he would show much
      > sympathy .Where is the money coming from, they must have state
      > legislative support.

      Yes, the UC and CSU systems are tax-supported. There is no in-state
      tuition, only "fees" and similar hidden costs. The CSU tuition is only
      $1400/semester, but our cost per student is closer to $8000. The $6600
      dif is paid by taxpayers.

      Of course Marxists would love such a system... LOL! We pay for them to
      brainwash the young.

      The McLaren UCLA Web pages are mild, with the red stars and theme
      music. SUNY has some pages that would make you think NYC is located in
      Mainland China. Since that is the "State Uni" system of NY, state, you
      would think... never mind. Blue State / Red State problem.

      Philosophy at the universities should be inclusive of all current
      theories, but it isn't. You get one form of philosophy, with several
      names. This goes back to the debate two years ago when Lee Edgar (sp)
      was on the list. People just don't either admit or believe how narrow
      universities are.

      And Chris Matthews was talking about how the "Right" dominates
      universities. I had to laugh, since crying was out of the question.

      - CSW
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