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RE: [existlist] God is a concept....

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  • Nolan Hatley
    George, First of all to say that believing in the God is un-intelligent is to discredit an assortment of intelligent individuals. (T.S. Elliot, Dante,
    Message 1 of 49 , Feb 2, 2005

      First of all to say that believing in the God is un-intelligent is to
      discredit an assortment of intelligent individuals. (T.S. Elliot, Dante,
      Augustine, Aquinas, Mohammed, Paul) Would you characetrize the following
      list as being un-intelligent?. Surely not. The only chance at discediting
      these men's claims about God is to investigate the pyschopathological
      arguement, which I think now in the aftermath of the little war, can be
      shown that this only varies from individual to individual. A psychopath can
      believe in God, but this does not mean that all who believe in God are
      pyschopaths. The same is true with intelligence: An un-intelligent man may
      believe in God, but not all who believe in God are un-intelligent. You
      would need to include many English poets, many philosophers in the Western
      tradition, many great thinkers. Who knows also of those who were
      intelligent but left legacies only in the small communities they they lived,
      becuase they lacked ambition? Those who authenically believe that they have
      encountered "The God" stress the impotance of how they can in no way place
      ownership on Him. They do not view him initially as "my God;" this stems
      from a relationship to The God.

      Let's say Socrates, who believed in a God, encountered The God. Would he be
      not be more intelligent to say that he had discovered and found The God?
      Your working from a sterotype. You indicate this at the end by showing two
      God-believing herds, so to speak, American evengelicals and Muslim
      terrorsits. Once again, we can start close to home, by pointing out that
      Kierkegaard and Doestoevsky believed that they, through a dim connection
      possibly, encountered The God. I find it lacking credibility to decalre
      that these men have a one-pin intelligence.

      Your mind has found believing in God unbelievable. You say you would if
      could, but won't and you don't. Can you describe the intelliegent process
      that brought you to these conclusions? This begins with a basic
      philosophical question: how do we know? So maybe, indeed, religion has
      nothing to do with philosophy, but a belief in God certainly does, for this
      question alone separetes many philosophers.

      Gently in Peace,


      >From: George Walton <iambiguously@...>
      >Reply-To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      >To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: RE: [existlist] God is a concept....
      >Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 20:45:12 -0800 (PST)
      >Religion has very little to do with philosophy because philosophy has very
      >little to say [substantially] about oblivion. Sure, you can project to the
      >world as one of the few who has the intellectual integrity and courage to
      >stare down into the abyss without blinking. But how comforting is that when
      >Mr Reaper is staring straight at you....at you....eyeball to eyeball?
      >If you love life, the closer you get to losing it the more terrifying the
      >thought becomes. Also, the more enraged you become at some barbaric
      >injustice you bump into [especially when you...when you...are at the
      >receiving end of it] the more you yearn for something analogous to devine
      >Like John Lennon said, "God is a concept by which we measure our pain." The
      >more pain most folks feel the larger God looms.
      >I used to embrace atheism proudly...even disdainfully. Now I lug it around
      >like that proverbial albatross. If I could believe in God, I would. But I
      >can't so I don't.
      >But having said that I still think those who are actually capable of
      >deluding themselves into believing there is a God and that their God just
      >happens to be the God is about 299 pins short of a perfect game in the
      >intelligence department.
      >And the scariest part of all [at least for free thinking Americans] is
      >this: between the evangelicals who worship and adore the Osama bin Ladens
      >over there and the evangelicals who back Bushworld over here, the planet is
      >on the verge of being devoured by these blockheads once and for all.
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    • George Walton
      I not only formed a philosophy of life...I defend it. And I defend it existentially. So, defend yours. ... George, Why must religion be something that is
      Message 49 of 49 , Feb 13, 2005
        I not only formed a philosophy of life...I defend it. And I defend it existentially.

        So, defend yours.

        Dodo de La Beaujardiļæ½re <teslahub@...> wrote:

        > Religion!


        Why must religion be something that is preached or prosthelytised? Just like you
        seem to have formed your own phlosophy, might you not form your own religion NOT
        based onother religions and other ideals?

        My guess is that, philosophically, you already have. It doesn't matter what other
        religions have caused.

        I have not spoken of my own, merely because I do not expect you or anyone else to
        believe what do. What I believe (be it in god or not) is my religion, and
        immaterial, though I might think I have a good basis on which to base my belief
        (good enough for my logic). I cannot tell if your belief is right or wrong, good or
        bad...Except that if I have a level head and think, I may be able to understand it. I
        understand many religions, and believe in none of them as they are written.

        yet, I do believe in my own.

        I think you can describe your god. You just need not be afraid of whatever it is.

        Dodo B.

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