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RE: [existlist] seventh post

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  • Nolan Hatley
    Louise, Well, obviously no one will respond to this one. It s an uncomfortable idea and my reputaion here is not held in such esteem. I think that is for the
    Message 1 of 49 , Feb 1, 2005

      Well, obviously no one will respond to this one. It's an uncomfortable idea
      and my reputaion here is not held in such esteem. I think that is for the
      most part, beyond my control.

      I am not understanding completely what this response is from yourself,

      Your saying that my proposal of the idea would not work becuause my
      imaginiation would control it?
      Certainly that can't be the case if people actually contributed to it, then
      they would be engaging the what-if imaginatitive idea with their own
      thoughts and perceptions.

      You say my imagination has enemies or all imaginations have enemies?

      No, not neccesarily. I have a strong desire personally to never be at
      enmity with anyone. However, this desire is beyond my control, for someone
      can be persistent towards me as anatgnostic. I believe our imaginations are
      somehow metaphysically connected to our real life experiences. It's not
      jumping out on a limb here to say that I have at least an enemy here. This
      is one case. Also, I think it mainly stems because of anti-thetical
      beliefs. It can't be method of communication, for I have tried
      several....seeking common ground, standing up for God, faith and myself when
      attacked, staring intimidation back in the eye, sarcasm, negotiation, etc.
      Do I will or wish enmity? No, of course not. I still know myself better
      than you do, as you would say yourself about yourself Louise. Peace perists
      as a desire of mine. Here, we can only go by what we communicate. Is
      existentialism isolationist? If so, why do we communicate.

      Yes, perhaps, I need to stop reminding Bill of that and follow my faith more
      closely. ("Turn the other cheek") I'm a man, too. Christians with any ego
      or dignity about themselves find this hard to obey. Then again, as
      Kierkegaard has pointed out, and to an extent CSW, we are all still in a
      state of becoming. I am at least. I am young. I may have the appearance
      of being close-minded as many want to make Christians out as being, but I
      don't believe that is true in all cases. Sometimes it's the other way
      around. I find a lot of the really "open-minded" post-modern, existential,
      morally relativistic folks on a university live by this internal motto
      somewhat...."There's only two kinds of people I hate in this world:
      close-minded and Christians" Someone who has closed their mind on anything
      is close-minded to an extent. I have conisdered omnes more than it let's
      on--sometimes I wish I haven't. We have brushed away the actions and
      motives of men like Hitler and Stalin with an all too intellectual
      consideration. They were despicable men. Did they have thoughts and
      feelings, crushed dreams? I'm sure they did. It was tragedy, but in the,
      they still had responsibility.

      As for ending your post in Louie, I can only guess that you did not believe
      that my mistake was a typo. I can assure you- that's all it was. Authentic
      communication requires trust. In the end, perhaps I am guilty most of

      According to Sarte, to deal with life existentially is to deal with hell-
      the agony of the human condition. I come to engage the existential medium
      and am accused of psychopathy. Louise, besides CSW your the only one who
      has responded to me after the little war; people do get their way. My
      posts our being limited and my enthusiam is waning. The tendency to give
      and share or vigourous within me. I have little faith in attempting to
      coerce or force a mind to my faith. I have no control over that. That's
      never surely been my intent nor desire. Perhaps my time here is coming to a
      close. Sometimes you just need to shake the dust off your feet and move on.
      People will think what they will think. I am beginning to find out the
      answers to some of my questions. Yes, I speak dramatically---I am theatre
      major, it's what I am--dramatic. Psychopatic, psychotic....it's sad really
      what people want to heap upon others. I believe in communion.
      Existentialism seems to reject communion. They support the echange of
      thought, but really on that. There's seems to be little connection beyond
      that---only conflict. Really, what is the common belief or thought of all
      existentials? I have proposed that it is a way of engaiging life in an
      undivorced union of mind and passion. In this, may I forever remain

      What more can I say? "Bid Kent be unmannerly when Lear is mad."



      >From: "louise" <hecubatoher@...>
      >Reply-To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      >To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [existlist] seventh post
      >Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 22:49:29 -0000
      >nolie dear, yes, it is only an exchange of ideas, except when your
      >imagination takes over. in your imagination you have enemies. louie
    • George Walton
      I not only formed a philosophy of life...I defend it. And I defend it existentially. So, defend yours. ... George, Why must religion be something that is
      Message 49 of 49 , Feb 13, 2005
        I not only formed a philosophy of life...I defend it. And I defend it existentially.

        So, defend yours.

        Dodo de La Beaujardiļæ½re <teslahub@...> wrote:

        > Religion!


        Why must religion be something that is preached or prosthelytised? Just like you
        seem to have formed your own phlosophy, might you not form your own religion NOT
        based onother religions and other ideals?

        My guess is that, philosophically, you already have. It doesn't matter what other
        religions have caused.

        I have not spoken of my own, merely because I do not expect you or anyone else to
        believe what do. What I believe (be it in god or not) is my religion, and
        immaterial, though I might think I have a good basis on which to base my belief
        (good enough for my logic). I cannot tell if your belief is right or wrong, good or
        bad...Except that if I have a level head and think, I may be able to understand it. I
        understand many religions, and believe in none of them as they are written.

        yet, I do believe in my own.

        I think you can describe your god. You just need not be afraid of whatever it is.

        Dodo B.

        Please support the Existential Primer... dedicated to explaining nothing!

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