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Re: Off and away

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  • louise
    Bill, I trust your instincts, and am interested to read this post as any other. Plodding on, I have no arguments to offer here. I just know it s better than
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2005
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      Bill, I trust your instincts, and am interested to read this post
      as any other. Plodding on, I have no arguments to offer here. I
      just know it's better than you think. Well acquainted with people's
      impatience with my absence of proof or sometimes of coherence, I
      would ask readers on this occasion not to tell me how inadequate
      this message is. Many of your posts mean a great deal to me, and I
      instinctively and barely consciously deny this at the time 'in
      public' here. It's as though they're too true, too early true.
      That's my plausible deniability. Prophecy and purity require that
      one turn away, disown. Waiting for the organs of perception to
      develop. That natural miracle is perfectly compatible with
      pragmatic and scientific information such as your intelligence group
      and your cosmology magazines supply. I got thrown out of Sartre
      group (unless it was some inadvertent technical error) on grounds,
      it seems of [lack of] topicality. As I was discussing with Tommy
      Beavitt shortly before this happened, I don't know what the concept
      means. Any concept requires some sort of agreement from a
      collective, to be socially useful. How to tell paradox from
      contradiction? Obey the rules .... and .... let it all hang out.
      That's going further than the hippies did. Man ,what have we got to
      lose?? The Woman Who Loses Her Name

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > I have been thinking about things that have not related to list
      > topic.
      > I have been busy with money matters. I have reenlisted in my
      > military intelligence group. I have set down and read Nature . I
      > have read list postings and presently do not wish to comment. My
      > posts are sparse and off topic by intention.
      > I have learned that a young researcher is working on an
      > to attempt to ascertain if string theory can be experimentally
      > studied.This Phd does not like string theory but thinks he has a
      > way to illumidate the theory by quantifiable expermentation. His
      > approach has to do with possible leakage of gravity into the
      > proposed other dimensions of string theory. The supercollider at
      > CERN will do the experiment.
      > My recent postings regarding Nuremburg and naval strategy have a
      > relationship in my thinking.
      > For most germans , outside the SS or the government, the
      > could be a matter of plausable deniability. So our purge of german
      > culture, beyond blowing it to hell, was confined to commandants
      > high SS officials. Hitler and Goebbles relieved us of killing them
      > and the military with some exceptions was just following orders.
      > What our response to 9/11 has been remains greatly a black
      > operation. We see blown up cars in Bagdad attributed to the vague
      > insurgency. Now and then we see GI`s walking through the mountains
      > of Afganistan. We are told our KIA`s are about 1100. We have no
      > numbers as to civilian or opposition losses.
      > Depending on the poiltics of the spokesman we are told we are
      > well or poorly. We are told all manner of things about the
      > elections. All in all we don`t want to hear about it and the
      > officials don`t want to go on record about it.
      > But when the military asks for whole new weapons systems that
      > seem pointed at these new sort of enemies, I gather we will be
      > fighting that kind of war for a long time. We are headed for a
      > of black ops that have covert cover for an indeterminate time
      > So it would seem we are following the germans example and will
      > follow the head in the sand brand of deniability.
      > This directly opposes existential practise, this directly
      > democratic principle.This brand of aggression without concensus
      > germany bombed stone from stone.As we proceed to follow such a
      > course on a world wide basis do we think all others will simply
      > ignore it also.
      > Perhaps what we are doing and planning is the proper way to
      > the problems we face. If we never know we can never decide and
      > may be a greater transgression than improper action. We are being
      > set up for non consultation on the use of our great power. How
      > many of us want deadly force actions , of which we have no
      > knowledge ,done in our names?
      > The clever assault on the press by the white house solidifies the
      > culture of secracy. Normally foreign policy is the front burner
      > business of a secound term president. This president, at war, only
      > speaks of the domestic agenda. Five years from now do we want to
      > hear of 10 million dead and as many imprisioned in black
      > If we allow our heads to be stuck in the sand we may wake up to
      > smell of incenerated bodies, our own. Bill
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