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Re: fearing knott's generalities--responde

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  • Knott
    ... Well, if the world is my perception of it, then it s not so bad. ... absurdism ... Attach ... I did. Does it matter? Doesn t matter to me. I don t even
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 12, 2005
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      > <However, you seem to suggest that absurdism cannot lead
      > to "something better than the futile and ridiculous world we now
      > inhabit." and I believe for me it has>
      > How can what you believe for yourself make the world better?

      Well, if the world is my perception of it, then it's not so bad.

      > <...first, you may have a close-minded perspective of what
      > can possibly be because of negative connotations of the word.
      > another word to it and perhaps it will be more suitable.>
      > Please do.

      I did. Does it matter? Doesn't matter to me. I don't even know my own

      > <Thinking the way i do has let me postulate that the fascade of
      > civilization may not matter in the least...it is a freeing concept,
      > not nihilist or sad.>
      > It may not matter but it affects you. How are you free of the
      > necessity for petroleum that costs thousands of innocents pay for
      > with their blood?

      You may think it close-minded or even denial -- whatever -- but I am
      not involved with that. If I were living in a country where there was
      not enough food, I would move. If I could not move I would likely try
      something else. If it were so bad it made it not worth living, I
      might die for it. I am not in that situation. I have my own problems
      and needs and seek to work with those as I'd tend a flock of sheep. I
      don't need to seek other's problems to call my own.

      > <if you are saying death is frightening...sure. But only in that it
      > is an unknown. The trick is not to fear what you don't understand.>
      > I'm not saying it: you are suggesting that I am. I don't fear the
      > unknown. Since there is so very little that is known, thinking
      > the unknown is a waste of time.

      It sounded to me like what you were saying. I cannot perceive
      something other in your writing than what I think I am reading.

      > So to summarize: You don't understand what Trinidad is saying, and
      > you disagree with my interpretation; but it really doesn't matter
      > because it's not interesting. Only arguing about nothing is
      > interesting, hey?

      I don't understand if what I have suggested is not correct -- he
      refuses to let me know what is. I don't think his statement was
      nearly as clear as what you provide...It was interesting enough to
      respond to with more than "that's crap" which I have been known to
      say. I don't bother arguing about nothing, as I don't know what it is.

      > nothing avoids becoming talking about something, or furthermore how
      > what's interesting even matters to anyone except yourself.

      Just as I can't define 'nothing' I would likely not be able to
      define 'something' To me they are the same thing. conceptually I can
      give a definition, but i cannot give proof -- of one or the other.

      > your meaning is somehow getting lost in your words, or is
      > it that your words mean nothing to anyone but you?

      If my meaning is lost, how is it that you were able to answer? You
      have either:

      vv) read, understood (or interpreted) and responded, or
      klfv) made wild assumptions based on nothing at all.

      If the latter, your response is an amazing coincidence.

      Picky Whicket
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